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Keep on the Shadowfell adventure. These Quick-Start Rules give only the most cursory explanation of the D&D® game. For the complete. So, I finally managed to get a group together to play D&D (yeah, it’s been more than a year since the adventure came out, but whatever), and. You probably already know of the Keep on the Shadowfell free download on the Wizards of the Coast site. It, plus the free Quickstart rules, can.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The problem came at the end of thf night’s session. They made it to Winterhaven, talked to the folks in the bar the owner, the old man, and Valthrunand then Ninnaren the secretly-evil double agent Elf Ranger came in.

First shacowfell all, the PCs fell for her, for some reason, even though she was a total bitch to them the whole time. I handled that alright, and she got disgusted and left them. The next day, they got up early to try to head her off AGAIN to talk to her, and I had her tell them that she’s there to hunt the kobolds and that she was heading out to do so.

No one saw through the lies God, I love passive insightand she left. Since they’re all used to rail-roading though, apparently, they just sat there and stared at me until I said, “Well, what are you guys out to do next? Now, the other problem is that, when Ninnaren returned, they asked about the cult and she TOLD THEM, as the module says, that the cult is based out of shadkwfell waterfall and that they’re in league with the kobolds and goblins.

Even with shadkwfell, the PCs are heading north to the keep to see what’s there, and then they plan to “circle around” to deal with the “cult. That’s kinda harsh, though, for a group that consists of two total noobs, one guy that’s only played a few sessions of 3. The Playgrounder Formerly Known as rtg Homebrew: Did you ever do anything with Douven whoever, and that encounter shadkwfell the dig site? I kinda of steered the group in that direction for an easier couple of encounters to get them used to the team dynamics and whatnot in combat.


Also helped fluff up the reasons about the keep. I personally had seriously ratcheted down Nirian’s presence in the town the first time around in order to prevent them from heading straight into the waterfall encounter. Although if they’ve fallen for her for no good reason, you could easily change a few things: There’s a graveyard encounter that she lures the PCs to in an attempt to kill them, which has a large minion horde and some nastier brutes. You could have her plead for the party to save them, and wait for them to be totally surrounded before popping the minions.

Also, she should supply a fake password.

dnd 4e – What fixes are there for Keep on the Shadowfell? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

You can make a blow non-lethal when you drop them to zero HP for freebut as soon as they found the note with the fake password they offed her. It all seemed harmless. Square root of For bloops and giggles, you should play up the kobolds as much as possible as directly being mocking and offensive towards the players, and don’t go too easy on them either. Make them hate them so much that they WANT to ignore the cult for a while? Drop a player to 0 hp, then have a kobold take a widdle on him as he tries for a death saving throw, go wild.

In inventive and dastardly. Failing that, I guess you’d have to work out the consequences of someone ignoring the modules secretly very linear storyline, eh?

Three Tips for Keep on the Shadowfell

I’ll finish running that damn thing one day Originally Posted by Tiki Snakes. If anything, I found the Irontooth encounter to be the most brutal encounter of the entire module, excluding the final boss fight.

What’s so wrong with them accidentally skipping a few filler encounters and heading right to where the plot is?


If the problem is them being underleveled, throw a few keepp zombie encounters at them. That way they hopefully realize what they’ve stumbled into, and take it slowly. A few “random” patrols should be able to make up the missing XP for the kobolds.

I don’t know if this continues onwards in the later modules, but both Shadowfell and Thunderspire have had ‘TPK lulz’ level difficulty encounters. In the group I DM’d, they only survived snadowfell Irontooth encounter thanks to a lucky blinding barrage from the Rogue, and then the Fighter rolling a 20 on a death save, and tue to pop back up and pin him down again.

The rest of the group was already worn down from the backup, Irontooth would have devoured the entire group. That’s an easy way to frustrate new players. A few random patrols is another way around it. That’s my personal philosophy, anyway.

From personal experience here, 1st level PCs cannot survive the first It’s the first two rooms, and they would murderize your players so hard.

They really need to do the other hooks.

We skipped the digsite I thinkand I sorely wish we hadn’t. Maybe it shadowfeol that the world would end Anyways, I suggest sealing off the doors to the keep. The main entrance, and one that the cult members dug into the side. The main entrance can only be opened with a key, found at the dig site. The new entrance is magicked to only open with a password, shadowdell within Irontooth’s letter from Calaralaldingido. Check out a bunch of stuff I wrote for my current campaign world Oz.

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