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Aggregator transformation is an active transformation used to perform calculations such as sums, averages, counts on groups of data. The integration service. The Aggregator Transformation in Informatica is one of the most used transformations in real-time. This transformation performs a function. Connected and Active Transformation; The Aggregator transformation allows us to perform aggregate calculations, such as averages and sums.

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Complete reference to Informatica: AGGREGATOR TRANSFORMATION

Aggregator transformation is an active transformation is used to performs aggregate calculations like sum, average, etc. For example, if you want to calculate the sum of salaries of all employees department wise, we can use the Aggregator Transformation.

The aggregate operations are performed over a group aggfegator rows, so a temporary placeholder is required to store all these records and perform the calculations. For this, aggregator cache memory is used.


This is a temporary main memory which is allocated to the aggregator transformation to perform such operations. In this example, we will calculate the sum of salaries department wise.

For this, we require a new column to store this sum. So, first of all, we will prepare a new column.

You will see the new database target table is created under Target folder in next step. Import the source table “emp”. Create a new aggregator transformation using the aggreator menu as shown in screen shot. When you click on the aggregator icon, a new aggregator transformation will be created. Click on the expression option Step 6 — In the expression window Add expression- sum SALyou have to write this expression.

Select Ok Button, this will bring back the edit trahsformation window.

The target table would contain the sum of salaries department wise. In this way, we can use aggregator transformation to calculate aggregate results. What do you mean by Enterprise Data Warehousing? When the organization data is created at a Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing.


HOW TO: Use Aggregator Transformation in Inform

Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. Aggregator Transformation in Informatica with Example. Make this port as output port by selecting the checkbox of the output port.