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Учительница: Trovo veramente difficile capire quando qualcuno scrive in russo usando le lettere latine. Voglio che tu impari a digitare in russo. La Tastiera Russa (русская клавиатура) consente di scrivere, cercare e non ufficiali apportate al alfabeto russo nel corso della storia della lingua russa, ed in . An Introduction to Russian [EN] > utile per l’autoapprendimento dell’alfabeto, con Russian Alphabet con file audio e gif che mostrano come si scrive in corsivo.

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Il laboratorio di autoapprendimento del C. Russian scholarly transliteration system [EN].

Primi passi – Corsivk, composizione e verbo. The topics chosen include aspects of the Russian culture but you will also read about food, sports, animals, etc.

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The texts are short, easy to read and with a vocabulary list at the end, so you can focus in important words you should remember. Ever come across a Russian acronym and needed to decode what it stood for?


From their website you can listen live or find previously aired stories.

If you find a particular correspondent or show that you enjoy, you can subscribe rrusso their podcasts as well. The videos are often available in short clip form, making them excellent resources. You can see numerous video clips of what they offer on their website.

The site is very heavy on media content, featuring impressive photography and video files. Novaya Gazeta [ RU ] [ The website provides a great deal of information on current events both in Russia tusso abroad. The website provides current news stories focusing on Russia and also on international news. Their site offers links to each, as well as a main page focusing on overall current events and news.

Tastiera Russa – Scrivere e Ricerca Russian online

Many full-length texts and biographical pages are available. The interface is a little clunky, but the information is all there. Cogsivo books are available to read right off the computer screen while others can be purchased. Books by Russian and Westerns authors are plentiful; registration is required. It allows you to read about upcoming concerts, movies, and other notable events.


Moreover, it provides reviews of films and trailers in Russian. An excellent site for those who enjoy all things about media and entertainment. Each podcast focuses in corskvo a theme and provides authentic conversation and vocabulary to help self-directed learners.

Siti per l’apprendimento linguistico: Russo – LINGUE SENZA SFORZO

Very neat resource to check out! They have a print magazine as well as a website filled with articles, video blogs and opinion pieces. A good way to read in Russian on virtually any topic.