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“Alternativna historija, tom I – IV” – TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo ili Interliber (www. ); “Alternativna povijest – tragovima Atlantide” – Indrija, Zagreb. Alternativna historija je naziv za specifičan podžanr spekulativne fikcije, odnosno naučne fantastike čija je radnja smještena u fiktivne svjetove u kojima je. The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija. advertisement. Sam Osmanagich THE WORLD OF THE MAYA 2 Table of Contents Introduction The Lost World of.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. To decode these messages we need spiritual and material scientific research to work hand-in-hand. Why did the Maya build their monumental cities in the middle of such a wild and inhospitable territory? His ship came to Guanain alternatjvna the Atlantic side of one of the islands of Honduras.

Columbus continued along the coast and discovered the Veragua region where he found enough gold to encourage other Spanish explorers to undertake further expeditions of plunder. There are numerous shantytowns all along the edges of hlstorija green carpet histoeija the Guatemala plain. This humble airport terminal has received all the races, and skin colors of Central America. In contrast to the Europeans in North America, the Spaniards in Central America came not as settlers but as conquerors.

They did not bring their families with them but they made children with the native women. The result was numerous mestisos which eventually became the majority of the population. The small number of peninsulares who brought their families from Spain were allotted positions at the top of the hierarchy. The presence of black slaves from Africa, all along the Atlantic coast of the New World as well as mulattos, is significant. There are also distinct groups of Chinese and of the Misquito and Darien Indians.

The ancient world of the Maya el Mundo Maya extended from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico in the north to the forested region of the Chiapas in the west, the plains of Belize in the east, and the jungles of Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador in the south. Some thirty different but related languages are spoken today by six million Indians who trace their roots back to the Maya. The life of several million Indians who live off the land resembles the life of their ancestors.

They grow the same crops corn, beans, chili peppers, tomatoes and squash their tools and methods are the same. Even their village social structure has remained unchanged. Plant medicine is their dominant form of health care. For the most part they are farmers struggling for survival in very humble circumstances.

Going back one and a half, or even two and a half, millennia we will find that the scattered villages of farmers had much the same kind of life. But there was one significant exception: Two worlds side by side. The Veda tell us that Maya was the name of a great astronomer and architect.

Alternativna historija Sarajeva se pisala u kafićima

In Greek mythology Maya is the brightest of the seven stars of the Pleiades constellation. Mayab is also the name of the seat of the Mayan hjstorija Yucatan peninsula. We shall discover as we continue along the way that all these concepts and meanings are indeed appropriate to associate with the true identity of the Maya. In the year he ordered the massive burning of slternativna the Mayan manuscripts in the town of Mani, the Spanish headquarters in the Yucatan.


As a result of this barbaric act, the largest single collection of Mayan literature and history was destroyed. Along with it the remaining spiritual leaders of the Mayan people also perished in the fire.

Later this same monk took pen in hand to write about the Maya of the Yucatan. He went into alternayivna detail about their customs, religious rituals, their language and writing system. But he was well aware of the fact that he historja only touching the surface on this subject. The ordinary folk who lived in the Mayan territory were in no way equipped to explain the cosmic philosophy of their ancestors.

The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija

The technologically superior barbarians were confused by this. Historijq Spaniards were making a significant mistake believing that these local natives were the Mayan race. And because of this, even today the Mayan name is used for the descendants of the poor farmers who lived there at the time of the original Maya-those who remained on this land after the sudden departure of their rulers and patrons.

Our body has physical pain, illness, old age and incapacitation. The spirit free of the body corresponds to a state without physical pain. Those who master the technique of leaving the physical body of their own will can live a spiritual life without pain. The Maya are not a nationality. They are not the millions of impoverished inhabitants in Mexico or Guatemala.

It is time for this misconception to be straightened out. The Maya is a state of awareness. It is the life alterrnativna the spirit which lives in harmony with alternativja processes. The Maya is the understanding that the physical body is a transient vehicle which assists in hiztorija development. Any one of us can be a Maya. In fact, this ought to be our aim-to attain the Mayan state of consciousness. Spirituality and science should go hand in hand in order to decode these messages.

Geometry is the language of the universe. And the Maya, for this reason, left their messages in the form of sacred geometry on the walls of their temples and pyramids. The Maya are creatures of the light. And the cosmic expressed through sacred codes in geometry, color, musical notes and alphabet. When we are able to understand the messages of the Maya we will make one more step towards becoming ourselves one with the light.

Alternativna historija

However, instead of covered terminals there is nothing but narrow dusty streets. Instead of announcement panels showing names of destinations and times of departures there are only little Guatemalans calling out to potential travelers who alrernativna board their busses. And instead of comfortable busses there are nothing but beaten-up old and very used busses. Guatemala City is a huge village.

The houses are unattractive, dilapidated. But, nonetheless, the people seem warm and outgoing. The stories of crime, civil war and kidnapping of tourists are becoming a thing of the past. The current situation is that three of every one thousand tourists encounter such unpleasant experiences. Three tenths of one percent 0. D and the alternafivna A. In the last two decades, the starting point for the first period has been moved back further into the past.

The discovery of new artifacts alternatinva enabled archeologists to establish this beginning at approximately B. Guatemala City has buried beneath itself the ruins of an ancient center of the Maya-Kaminal Juyu.


There once stood hundreds of buildings and pyramids at the heart of this city, with highly developed cultural and commercial centers of half a million Teotihuacanos who came from Teotihuacan alternativma of Mexico City. As long as thirty years ago radio-carbon dating had already established times of certain pyramids with nearby graveyards as dating back to before the time of Christ.

I would utterly dismiss and discard this division into 3 periods. And I would introduce a completely different approach to the Maya.

Second, this mission spans a period of some five thousand years. Ordinary watchmakers repair our watches and put them into accordance with Earthly time. It is my theory that the Maya should be considered watchmakers of the cosmos whose mission it is to adjust the Earthly frequency and bring it into accordance with the vibrations of our Sun.

Once the Earth begins to vibrate in harmony with the Sun, information will be able to travel in both directions without limitation. And then we will be able to understand why all ancient peoples worshipped the Sun and dedicated their rituals to this. The Sun is the source of all life on this planet and the source of all information and knowledge. And with a frequency in harmony, the Earth will, via the Sun, be connected with the center of our Galaxy. These facts become exceptionally important when we realize that we are rapidly approaching Decembera date which the Maya have marked as the time of arrival of the Galactic Energy Cluster which will enlighten us.

The Maya were aware of this simple cosmic truth some 2, years ago. Their calculation of the time of Earth begins with the year B. If we are to find the time of the appearance of the cosmic Maya on our planet, it will not be just going back to a few hundred years B. It will not even be only going back to years B. Rather, we should go back still further to the year B. This would be when the Maya first appeared on Earth. We will come back to these propositions later in this book.

And because of them our history needs to be re-written.

Alternativna historija – Wikipedia

You can see all 30 of the volcanoes scattered along the miles of Pacific coast. My bus was going east, to the city of Chiquimula.

In historlja late afternoon hours it seemed like all the inhabitants had come to the square in the center of town. Children in school uniforms were walking in small groups. Shop owners were in front of their shops trying to attract customers. Most of the young people were sitting in the park discussing the gistorija football team. Two beds, a fan, and a bathroom.

No hot 6 7 water, but, for that matter, jistorija cold either. Large drops of sweat try their best to cool the body. I turn back into the room. The walls are not smooth but hunched over. The fan pushes the air around the room.