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Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC Please use these simple instructions to set up and use your Angelcare baby monitor system. Consumer Helpline. View and Download Angelcare AC instruction manual online. AC Baby Monitor pdf manual download. Also for: Ac deluxe. Additional features of the Deluxe are highlighted throughout the Manual. The Angelcare Baby Monitor is a Personal Care Product. Please DO NOT return it to the.

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Audio & Breathing Movement Baby Monitor | Angelcare AC | Angelcare Baby

Sensor P ad will a larm if no mo vement detected is. Additional features of the Deluxe are highlighted throughout the Manual. Angelcare Helpline ; Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm Website: Your monitor can be used in the following way: Please take time to read the instructions as they really will help you to get the best out of your purchase. Installation of the SensorPad Step 2a: Nursery Unit Functions Step 2b: Installation of the Nursery Unit Step 3a: Parent Unit Functions Step 3b: Parent Unit Display Step 4: Changing Channels Step 6: Testing your Monitor to Detect Movement Step 7: Out of Range Setting Menu 3: Sound Transmission Setting Menu 4: Alarm Settings Menu 5: AC Adapter socket 9.

Temperature Control Setting Step 6, Menu 5 Sound Transmission Setting Step 6, Menu 3 Out of Range Setting Step 6, Menu 2 Alarm Setting Step 6, Menu 4 AC adapter socket SensorPad sensitivity dial Connect the SensorPad to the Nursery Unit. Keep the SensorPad wire out of reach of the baby.

SensorPad sensitivity is on level 3. Place Ac410 Unit in charger and charge for 15 hours. Connection between the units should establish automatically. If not, please go to Part 2 – Step 4 mpnitor this Manual.

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Test the SensorPad by putting your hand on the mattress. The SensorPad should detect your movements. Take your hand off the mattress after approx. The alarm should sound after 20 seconds. Repeat this process for all four corners of the bed. Your Angelcare Monitor is now ready for use. Installation of the SensorPad Crib Centre 1m 3ft! The SensorPad works with most baby bed sizes and mattresses, except memory foam mattresses and hollow framed mattresses. Position the SensorPad in the middle of the bed on top of the cot base as shown on the left, with the printed side of the SensorPad facing upwards.

  ISO 14443-4 PDF

If your cot has a solid hardwood base; drill a hole in the hardwood base and pass the SensorPad cord safely through the hole, keeping the cord well away from baby.

Safely secure the SensorPad cord by wrapping it around one of the cot legs and attach it securely using a plastic cable tie. The Sensitivity adjustment has been preset. Do not adjust unless necessary. The sensitivity of the SensorPad can be adjusted to ensure optimal performance in any situation amnual.

Testing your Angelcare Monitor. Because of the serious strangulation risk to infants and toddlers, parents and caregivers should NEVER place the Nursery Unit within 1 manuql 3 feet of a crib.

For monitoring more than one baby e. Functions Nursery Unit 4 1 2 5 3 7 8 6 1. Speaker 4 Step zngelcare Connect the plug of the SensorPad into the dedicated socket on the back of the Nursery Unit.

Angwlcare 4 x AAA regular batteries not included into the Nursery Unit for battery backup in case of power failure. Functions Parent Unit 3 2 4 1 Step 3b: The Parent Unit is portable and fully rechargeable. NEVER use regular alkaline batteries as these batteries are not suitable and might explode.

Connect the AC adapter to the charger and plug the adapter into the mains. Place the Parent Unit in the charger and charge the batteries for 15 hours before first use. NOTE The battery icon will appear for 5 seconds and then the Parent Unit screen will monigor to a power save screen as it charges. Place the charger in a convenient place in your home, e. The maximum distance between the Parent Unit and the Nursery Unit is approx. Parent Unit Display Settings 7 5 8 9 4 2 3 6 1 5 Angecare 4: Turn the Nursery Unit on by pushing up the left wing to the ON position.

Install the baby monitor according to the instructions with one of the Parent Units. This Parent Unit and Nursery Monitod should connect automatically.

If this is not the case, please follow the reconnecting procedure. Your baby monitor is now ready for use with one Parent Unit. If you want to connect the 2nd Parent Unit, please go to Step 2. Once both Parent Units anvelcare connected to the Nursery Unit your baby monitor is ready for use. All monitor settings can be changed from both Parent Units according to the Instruction Manual. The new settings will automatically be activated on both Parent Units.


Turn both units OFF. The Parent Unit will show the channel number, which will be replaced by the standard menu after a few seconds. By turning the Nursery Unit on again this will re-establish connection and the monitor is ready for use. Changing Channels The Angelcare Monitor has 8 monktor selectable channels. If monihor transmission is not clear or you experience interference the channel can be changed as follows: Turn both units ON.

Manuals | Angelcare Baby

The current channel will be shown on the Parent Unit display. Testing your Monitor 1d. If the monitor does not alarm after 20 seconds once you have taken you amnual off it is sounding: The movement alarm will sound if no a.

Turn off the nursery unit movement is detected within 20 seconds. Monitof any key on the parent unit except other movements such as a cot mobile, a fan, or simply the cot being touched or leant on.

This will put the 1c. See for 2 seconds. See Other Functions Parent Unit screen will swing.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Instructions

Adjusting the Sensitivity Setting. Make sure the Sensor Pad is installed correctly and turn both units ON.

This is suitable for most bed sizes and types of mattress. Do not Adjust unless necessary. By increasing the sensitivity the Sensor Pad moonitor cover a larger area. It is important to find the right balance for your situation, to ensure optimum performance of the sensor pad. Reducing the sensitivity ,onitor be useful if the sensor pad is picking up external movements. For example a cot placed right next to an adults bed could be picking up the movements from the adults. In this instance you may need to reduce the sensitivity.

Try this new setting for a few days. The MENU functions are in a loop. Each time you press the menu button briefly you move on to the next MENU function.

The MENU functions are in the following order: By continuing to press the MENU button you will be continuously moving through the loop. This function can only be activated together with the Movement function.

Activates the sound transmission between the Parent Unit and the Nursery Unit.