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Arjunolic acid is one such novel phytomedicine with multifunctional therapeutic applications. It is a triterpenoid saponin, isolated earlier from. This review highlights the beneficial role of arjunolic acid, a naturally occurring chiral triterpenoid saponin, in various organ pathophysiology and the underlying . Abstract. Arjunolic acid, the major extractable constituent of the heavy wood of Ter- minalia Arjuna, has the potential to be used as a rigid and functional.

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Arjunolic acid | C30H48O5 – PubChem

SS1 conceived the idea of the project. TB1 designed and conducted most of the experiments, analyzed the results and wrote the paper with SS1. EC1 assisted in most experiments with animals.

JS2 and BK2 did most of the bioinformatic and biophysical studies and analysed the data. AR3 conducted protein modeling and protein-protein docking and analysed the data with SS3.


VT4 did extraction and purification of arjunolic acid used in the study. Cardiac hypertrophy and associated heart fibrosis remain a major cause of death worldwide.

Phytochemicals have gained attention as alternative therapeutics for managing cardiovascular diseases.

arjunolic acid – Wikidata

These include the extract from the plant Terminalia arjuna which is a popular cardioprotectant and may prevent or slow xcid of pathological hypertrophy to heart failure.

Here, we investigated the mode of action of a principal bioactive T. Our data revealed that AA significantly represses collagen expression and improves cardiac function during hypertrophy. You’ll be in good company.

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