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Some people have reported that the create booklet PDF action that I wrote about here does not work with El Capitan. I can verify that it does. My friend Dave has just moved across to a mac and he tells me that in Microsoft publisher you can use a booklet template to make a booklet. Publisher did this. Automator has some great tools for combining PDFs as well as extracting text from them. Chris Breen shows you how.

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Reorders the pages of a PDF so that you can print it as a booklet.

PDFs in portrait format. You can optionally try to preserve paper format. This means the portrait page is turned aautomator landscape and two pages are fitted onto the landscaped one.


For pages that are already landscape this option is ignored. Print the resulting PDF with Layout setting: Comment by Judith Repke — March 4, This also worked beautifully for me!

Hey, for those of you having the issue J Newton had, and for J Newton too. Do not open this in Acrobat for Mac. Open your PDF in Preview and go from there.

This will solve all issues.

Comment by Chris — November 6, 6: Very long document are best broken into sets of sub-booklets, each with a multiple of 4 pages. Otherwise the stack of papers gets too thick to staple or bind. How about adding this functionality to the automator script?

applescript – Booklet creation El Capitan – Ask Different

Ie, combines two pages into one in landscape format. Bpoklet, I want to make my print in vertical, and also not double paged. Comment by Betsy Copley — March 29, 8: So it failed to run. Comment by Midhun Vijay — April 17, 3: Mail will not be published required.


Create Booklet 1.3 released for OS X – Booklet Factory is here

You can use these tags: Better Living Through Macintosh Scripting. Well, at the very least, a time saver! Comment by E Schrad — February 1, 2: Comment by J Newton — November 1, 8: Comment by Slava — February 21, 7: Does anyone have an answer?

Comment by L Lopez — March 12, 4: Comment by ak — November 17, Comment by SMR — May 10, 8: Comment by Paul — November 10, Comment by alexg — May 16, 6: