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“J. S. Bach and the flute sonatas: An overview of the Authenticity and Chronology, and analysis of the E minor Sonata, BWV ” can be found here. Bach, J.S.: Flute Sonata, Bwv / Bach, C.P.E.: Flute Sonata, Wq. , H. / Mozart, W.A.: Flute Quartet No. 1. By Barthold Kuijken. • 26 songs.

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However, the manuscript with this dedication was not prepared by Bach himself.

Furthermore, there exists an early copy of the sonata without any indication of a dedication. The four movements alternate fast and slow tempos, departing from the wonata minor key to a melodious relative major in the third.

Bach sometimes seems to forget that the flutist has to breathe: The opening theme of the first movement is an accompanied flute solo, but the answering theme bar 5 is led by the continuo, which is then imitated by the flute at an upper octave.


Such continuo-led writing recurs several times later on bb. The following Allegro is a concertante fugue with bif perfidia-style episodes.

Sonata for flute in e minor (ed. g minor), BWV

Flute and continuo here form duo bwc in the ritornello-like fugal expositions, but the episodes are brilliant accompanied flute solos.

In the Andante we encounter a clear division of responsibilities. Within an overall ABA reprise structure, the florid, cantabile flute part to a large extent unfolds freely over the varible ground bass of the continuo.

The Allegro-finale is cast in binary form with repeates. The closest parallel is found in solo violin sonatas Nos. A concertante effect is created by the manner in which the tonic full-close at the end of the first period b.

Bach and the flute sonatas: An interesting analysis of the sonata can be bwb herein the Masters thesis by Lidayne Reyes A later edition, still in facsimilie: Sonata in 4 movements: Adagio ma non tanto, Allegro, Andante, Allegro. An interesting Masters thesis written by Savio Cunto de Araujo in about: Another dissertation deals with this sonata: Unlocking the affections in J.


Michala Petri — recorder, Keith Jarrett — electric harpsichord.