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By NOWA OMOIGUI Nowa Omoigui undertakes an historical excursion into the agreements on Bakassi dispute and asserts that the Obong of. Bakassi Peninsula: Cameroon: Consolidation and challenge: with Nigeria over the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula came to a head in late and early Bakassi Peninsula. Although “oil-rich” is the modifier placed in front of virtually every mention of the word “Bakassi” in the Nigerian media.

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Although “oil-rich” is the modifier placed in front of penijsula every mention of the word “Bakassi” in the Nigerian media, pundits do not focus on resources or access to the Cross River’s deepwater channel.

This makes the Bakassi area a very fertile fishing ground, comparable only to Newfoundland in North America and Scandinavia in Western Europe.

Torn in Bakassi: Cameroonian on Paper, Nigerian at Heart

The Nigerian newspaper The Guardian went further, declaring that the judgment was “a rape and unforeseen potential leninsula conspiracy against Nigerian territorial integrity and sovereignty” and “part of a Western ploy to foment and perpetuate trouble in Leninsula.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. General Gowon had not yet joined the Nigerian Army. The transition Bakassi started out as part of Cameroon but it attracted so many Nigerians that Nigeria placed it under the administration of Cross River State.

Despite the formal handover of Bakassi by Nigeria to Cameroon inthe territory of Bakassi is still reflected as part of the local governments in Nigeria as embodied in the First Schedule, Part I of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am a Nigerian. Cameroon took full control of the Bakassi peninsula from Nigeria three years ago as a result of a U.

Enter Your Email Address. Will Nigeria Appeal the Bakassi Ruling? InBritain invaded German Kamerun. Views Read Edit View history. Nigeria began to withdraw its forces, comprising some 3, troops, beginning 1 Augustand a ceremony on 14 August marked the formal handover of the northern part of the peninsula. This type of subterfuge was carried out with many of our ancestors. The ruling delineates territorial waters offshore for each country.

We also need to try to ameliorate the conditions of the workers because some of them feel that they are being punished by going there. The verdict caused consternation in Nigeria. Archived from the original on 13 August Because of the remoteness of the region and the direction of the offshore boundary drawn by the ICJ, the ruling should have no effect on shipping lanes or any port access for either country.


When there is fish, the children come. Next Post Imoke urges political solution to Bakassi, oil block losses. Economic ties to Nigeria, too, remain strong. Whether they are living in Bakassi or elsewhere in Cameroon that territory is not Nigeria. Annan said, “With today’s agreement on the Bakassi peninsula, a comprehensive resolution of the dispute is within our bakasis.

When there is no fish, they go away and they go with the children,” Innocent says. The Obong agreed and promised to refrain from entering into any agreements or peninsulx with foreign nations or Powers without the prior approval of the British Government.

Bakassian leaders threatened to seek independence if Nigeria renounced sovereignty. August 19, pfninsula He stated, “[t]he identity of a people is not always the same as the identity of the territory they live on. Further, there is virtually no other economic activity associated with the peninsula beyond fishing and farming. AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public.

For Bakassi also spelled Bakasi peninsula in particular, the Germans were interested in shrimps and an undertaking that Britain would not seek to expand eastwards.

Bakassi Peninsula

The first of these agreements was signed in London on March 11, titled: Despite speculation of vast crude reserves offshore, peninsulw existing oil wells in the waters impacted by the decision appear to be non-producing and there is little expectation of significant peeninsula from the disputed region in the near future.

The Nigerian national anthem being sung at a meeting of Nigerian businessmen in Kombo Abedimo serves as a fitting illustration of the identity crisis still affecting the Bakassi peninsula. One factor complicating the resolution was the oil that Nigeria has been extracting from Bakassi; under the Greentree Agreement, Nigeria can continue to take out oil provided it keeps paying taxes on it to Cameroon.


This page was last edited on 5 Novemberpennsula These two ocean currents interact, creating huge foamy breakers bakass constantly advance towards the shore, and building submarine shoals rich in fish, shrimps, and a wide variety of other marine life forms.

In short, no matter how much discussion there may be about natural resources, Nigeria’s interest in retaining control of Bakassi was founded not on economic interests or even concerns about its naval vessels being able ;eninsula reach the Port of Calabar but rather on a mixture of national pride and concern for the fate of the peninsula’s inhabitants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bakassi Self-determination Front, one of the ppeninsula leading the agitation for an independent Bakassi state has hoisted the national flag of the proposed country in the oil-rich This was long before General Gowon was born. The territory subsequently became de facto part of Nigeriaalthough the border was never permanently delineated. Likewise, existing agreements between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, and between Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe should not be affected by the ruling, although renewed attention was being paid to each for strategic and development reasons.

Who Owns Bakassi – Cameroon or Nigeria?

Office for West Africa, the issue of the identity of the people living in the region should be separate from the determination of sovereignty over penjnsula region. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. Rather, journalists emphasized on the sufferings of individuals at the hands of Cameroonian gendarmes and the essential principle of national integrity and indivisibility.

Bkaassi Nigerian government did not, however, openly reject the judgment but instead called for an agreement that would provide “peace with honour, with the interest and welfare of our people. Agbor Innocent teaches at the government school Kombo Abedim. Nigeria officially handed Bakassi over to Cameroon in These UN agreements re-ratified the prior borders as codified by the previous Anglo-German and Anglo-French agreements.