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To understand normalization in database with example tables, let’s assume that we are supposed to store the details of courses and instructors. Lets consider the database extract shown above. This depicts a special dieting clinic where the each patient has 4 appointments. On the first they are weighed. Insertion, Updation and Deletion Anamolies are very frequent if database is not normalized. To understand these anomalies let us take an example of a Student .

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Follow the video above for complete explanation of BCNF.

Or, if you want, you can even skip the video and jump to the section below for the complete tutorial. In our last tutorial, we learned about the third normal form and we also learned how to remove transitive dependency from a table, catabase suggest you to follow the last tutorial before this one.


For a table to satisfy the Boyce-Codd Normal Form, it should satisfy the following two conditions:. The second point sounds a bit tricky, right? One more important point to note here is, one professor teaches only one subject, but one subject may have two different normallization.

1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF in Database Normalization | Studytonight

Hence, there is a dependency between subject and professor here, where subject depends on the professor name. This table satisfies the 1st Normal form because all the values are atomic, column names are unique and all the values stored in a particular column are of same domain.

And, there is no Transitive Dependencyhence daatabase table also satisfies the 3rd Normal Form. And while subject is a prime attribute, professor is a non-prime attributewhich is not allowed by BCNF.

To make this relation table satisfy BCNF, we will decompose this table into two tables, student table and professor table. And now, this relation satisfy Boyce-Codd Normal Form.


What is Normalization? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF & BCNF with Examples

In the next tutorial we will learn about the Fourth Normal Form. It should be in the Third Normal Form.

Cpp Java P. Java2 C P. Chash Java P. Java As you can see, we have also added some sample data to the table.

The Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) | Vertabelo

normxlization In the table above: One student can enrol for multiple subjects. And, there can be multiple professors teaching one subject like we have for Java.

What do you think should be the Primary Key?

This table also satisfies the 2nd Normal Form as their is no Partial Dependency. But this table is not in Boyce-Codd Normal Form.