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Jan 11, As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus’s work – to Blake’s extreme concern. May 19, It’s been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of. Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer d’aprés les personnages d’ Edgar P. Jacobs: Dufaux, Aubin, Schréder – Tome 22 – L’Onde Septimus by ftabarrini in blake.

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Written by Miguel F.

Blake & Mortimer Vol. 20: The Septimus Wave

This story is the sequel of the fabulous “The Yellow M” album, one of the best known comics in history. Therefore, the expectations couldn’t be higher, and the extracts revealed by Dargaud confirmed that this adventure would be a real treasure in every aspect.

But as I read more, what had started as a big smile began to change, first into surprise and then indignation. The first 30 pages are just amazing, with an interesting script and a brilliant drawing.

But from there on, even though the album’s quality is still very high, you moortimer to spot not very well drawn faces, bodies with strange positions, inexpressive figures, and the script starts to decline, confusing itself more and more with inexplicable scenes and blakw characters.

Until you arrive to page 51, in which everything spoils, enthusiasm disappears, happiness cools down. It’s the catastrophe, which finds you distracted, prepared for everything but that. The artwork’s quality, already low since page 41, is now severely damaged, and it keeps getting worse and worse for the rest of the album. The faces go from being inexpressive to poorly drawn: Antoine Aubin’s great talent is therefore much reduced, hidden by the lack of time imposed by Dargaud’s tight calendar.


But what is really deplorable, incomprehensible, sad, is the script. Being its author Jean Dufaux, being the series Blake and Mortimer and being the album a sequel of The Yellow M, the minimum expected is a script which meets the expectations.

But it has turned out to be just the opposite.

As the plot develops, the reader starts running into several events that would require an answer or a follow-up some pages later, but they aren’t even mentioned again, which leaves the reader perplexed and frustrated. The plot itself could be much better, because it only features a strange spacecraft, hidden in a cave under London, which is quite unreal, with a septimu extraterrestrial being living inside about who we don’t know anythingwhich unleashes a mortlmer of doctor Septimus, a plague that extends all throughout London looking for Guinea Pig Olrik.

The solution to this?

L’Onde Septimus

Nothing easier than destroying the spacecraft with a little explosive, without any problem, nearly no resistance from the extraterrestrial being, at a much too fast pace. And of course, then we have the classical scheme: With all this, I finally come to a conclusion. I’ve been deeply disappointed, in every aspect excluding Aubin’s drawingwith the album I thought would be the best of the whole year and one of septmus best in the series, and which has turned up to be the worst story of Blake and Mortimer and one of the worst comic books I’ve ever read.

A few weeks ago, Dufaux declared in an interview that, if this story was successful among the audience, he would continue the story for two more albums. From here, I would like to ask him to abandon the series before he destroys its prestige, already damaged for this failed album.


The Septimus Wave – Wikipedia

I wonder what would Edgar P. Jacobs say after reading this awful sequel of his masterpiece I don’t know, I think calling it the worst is being a bit on the hyperbolic side.

While Yellow M is the better story despite Jacobs’ bad habit mortimed constant exposition dumpingI still enjoyed what Septimus Wave had to offer as a basic pulpy sci-fi mystery story. Yes, the alien aspect was probably not the best route they could’ve taken, but I do like the steampunk crossed with 50s B movie look of the ship and The Pilot, and I wouldn’t say it has a bunch of loose threads or unanswered questions as I felt it tied itself up, albeit in maybe a condensed and not overly climatic fashion.

For me, pacing was more of an issue, especially in the middle during mortimmer hospital bit, and the villains were a little weak. But still it delivered on the weird factor, had some fun action sequences, and the artwork was by and large top notch, especially whenever it went into the surreal with the Septimus ghost. Enfin merci de votre analyse. What a great disappointment. You might also like: The latest Blake and Mortimer updates made by Schlirf in Twitter.

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