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You may need a blenderized diet if you have mouth or throat problems or if your This diet consists of foods that have been blenderized and are thin enough to. January Issue. Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding: Learn About the Benefits, Risks, and Strategies for Success By Theresa A. Fessler, MS, RDN, . With today’s high-performance blenders this is possible, and many home enteral nutrition (HEN) consumers and caregivers are using blenderized foods instead.

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This is how tube-fed people were nourished before commercial formulas bllenderized popular in the s. Whatever you call it, the basics are the same: If you are already on a blenderized diet, hooray!

Blenderized Diet | Maxillofacial Surgery | Dartmouth-Hitchcock

You bkenderized the benefits of real food. This blog post by our dietitian gives great tips for transitioning to a blenderized diet via feeding tube.


Always discuss any changes to your nutrition with your dietitian or dier, but most find that replacing one can of formula per day with a Real Food Blends meal is a good way to re introduce your body to real food and start a blenderized diet. How times have changed!

A PBGT diet is an effective means of providing nutrition to children with feeding disorders.

Blenderized Diet

In children post-fundoplication surgery, a PBGT diet may decrease gagging and retching behaviors. Nutritional Evaluation of a blenderized diet in five major burn patients.

Five consecutively admitted major burn patients were successfully supported with a high calorie, high protein diet supplemented with a blenderized diet formula that was prepared in our dist. It was effective in preventing significant weight loss and promoting wound healing and successful skin grafting.

BTF resulted in significantly less reported nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation compared with commercial EN.

Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding

The pureed diet by GT is an alternative diet that is well blednerized by families of patients. Adverse effects of the pureed diet are limited. Fewer subjects reported emesis and stools became firmer. Use of antacids, motility agents, and laxatives did NOT increase. Pediatric patients who are dependent on gtube feedings may benefit from BTF for improvement in stool consistency, vomiting, and gtube intolerance.


Full BTF may result in better outcomes than combination foods. Frequent monitoring of anthropometric ddiet is warranted to promote age appropriate growth. Nutritional Evaluation of a blenderized diet in five major burn patients Conclusions: Sign up for email updates on products, general feeding tube information and MORE! Pin It on Pinterest.