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An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Magic is the attribute that directly affects the c.

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If you do end up using it, I would love to know how it turns out! Harry Potter has also inspired way more than its fair share of unauthorised derivative works and fan fiction. They fire more of their magical energy at the crew and anyone else standing on the deck.

The Big Beautiful List of Harry Potter RPGs – Dice Monkey

Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy. More Intrigue skills will be needed to convince Zonko of this. This project has worked its way upward as well, into the Ministry of Magic itself. To begin with, the Death Eaters throw down blasts of magical energy more black smokewhich push and shove the steamship from side to side, sending some of the crew into the water.

You can download a copy of the 16 page rule book and a character sheet for use in play here: They are resplendent, pearly white creatures, their horns shining with light, which occasionally glints in the different colours of the rainbow.

Broomstix: the Harry Potter RPG | RPG | RPGGeek

Broomstxi their way to their next lesson, which is their second Transfiguration Magic session, they will pass the main hall. There shouldn’t he an energy cost for spells in Harry Potter, everyone is a wizard so you don’t have to worry about balancing with martial classes, balance should come with counter spells and the ability to move out of the fpg.

If anyone is frozen in this way when the ship starts sinking or is wrecked, they could be in serious peril. Yet now I see a terrible evil returning to the world, one I thought had been vanquished.

If they look around in the storeroom, they will soon note that there are several magic items stored here, including wands, broomsticks, and equipment for creating potions and charms. I plan to have a Bludge fumble and Brilliant! If they have searched the storeroom, they may have an idea. Zombies on my Mind. The students may have magic with which to fight back or to mitigate the effects of the spell.


Decide or randomly chose or ask the player characters which position they wish to play, whether it is chasers, seekers, keepers or beaters. Can it be played “theatre of the mind” style? If they Bludge or Flop the roll, they are thrown rlg the side of boomstix ship, stunning them and leaving them unable to act for a minute afterwards.

It would explain a bit. He smiles rather a lot though and looks pleasant overall. Please browse through our FAQ before posting. There is no more humour in his lesson, which disappoints the students but also seems suspicious. There will be some changes this year. The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, from which some of the campaign’s structure originates as well as the d20 dice system Information about the wizarding world of Harry Potter gleaned from online, public research databases, and My own knowledge and understanding of the world of Harry Potter.

This is an intra-school competition between houses. Resources Find the right game for you!

The easiest way to deal with the situation is simply to fly as quickly as possible, perhaps having to face a few barrages of wyrm fire in doing so. If so, the griffin casts golden magical energy, which encircles them and lands them gently on the ground next to it. Please encourage the players to engage in extra roleplaying between themselves and perhaps other students at the school.

Shorter is better, but if something is too rules-lite it becomes unplayable, especially for someone with no GM experience.

It’s very much untested and probably extremely broken, broomsttix I would love to get some feedback on it. Players competing for favour – Put the players in different Hogwarts houses, then throw them together in an adventure so they are working together while competing for house points.

Harry Potter Game for my kids

There’s no point having multiple core types if over half of them do the same thing. We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time.

They really love it, and while I am not as enthusiastic, I think it could be a good starting place, playing young wizards at hogwarts, solving mysteries, learning spells, and winning points for Gryffindor. This was a direct order from Procurator General Gilbert Oates, to have some of the school away when they wish to replace some of the staff with doppelganger look alikes Death Eaters.


Each column of black smoke sharply descends to the deck and materialises into a human form, that of the Death Eater. Compared to other Broomstjx, this game follows the storytelling tradition utilizing a D20 dice system, but the rules and dice are never an end in themselves.

The above is copy-pasted information from the Introduction of the Player’s Handbook that I am currently putting together in rboomstix to run a Harry Potter themed Roleplay Broomtix this year at Agnes Scott. Maybe have Professor Umbridge there madly fighting fires and broojstix decrees while Peeves and the Weasley Twins wreck havoc. While Professor Shrik is not able to keep the children under strict control on the steamship, the crossing is at first uneventful.

He is broomsrix about changing into his smoke form, rph he does not want anyone to see it happen to avoid them realising he is a very powerful magician and not an official from the Ministry of Magic.

It also doesn’t really work as an RPG with balanced mechanics as the magic system in the books isn’t written as such. Rowling, who related an inspiring. The broomwtix comes first, with the rules there as an enhancement. His magic includes the ability to induce cold in his target, freezing them in place.

Nice Mr Spollot has been replaced by a Death Eater. Submit a brkomstix text post. Potentially, if all goes well, this could lead to Hagrid confronting the Death Eater and investigating the plot undermining Hogwart more vigorously. The Death Eater that has taken over from Mr Spollot has managed to steal one of the Vanishing Cabinets from its temporary storage place in the storeroom and intends to put it on a train to send to Lord Voldemort.

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