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All such software, programs (including but not limited to drivers), files, documents, manuals, instructions or any other materials (collectively, the “Downloaded. View and Download CANON POWERSHOT A user manual online. POWERSHOT A Digital Camera pdf manual download. We have 7 Canon PowerShot A manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Getting Started, Software Manual, Software User’s Manual.

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Designed for the beginner who wants a little more zoom than the typical 3x zoom entry-level camera powershit, the Canon PowerShot A offers a 4x lens with fully automatic or semi-automatic settings, as well as 16 easily selectable shooting modes. Images are framed on manuqlpixel 2. The A derives its power from two AA batteries, with single-use alkalines included.

The Canon A’s revised Face Detection system can track, focus on, and optimize exposure on up to nine human faces in a scene, or can lock onto one face. White balance is also improved in this mode. The Canon A’s new Motion Detection technology watches csnon motion and adjusts focus, exposure, and ISO to make sure that subjects manula suffer from motion blur; something it can apply from frame to frame, retaining information from previous frames.

A new Automatic Red-Eye Correction feature also removes red-eye after capture, and more stubborn red-eye can be stamped out in Playback. Shipping began in March That means the Canon A can do some tricks other inexpensive digicams can’t. Face and motion detection are just two.

Canon PowerShot A580 Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

We’ll explore those, but we won’t lose sight of the real reason you buy a camera in the powersnot place: The Canon A doesn’t play the megapixel game, offering instead a solid eight megapixels of resolution rather than dabble in double digit sensors.

But that brings some good news about noise. There’s no manual mode on this A-Series PowerShot but there isn’t canno range in the apertures to justify it. There are, on the other hand, a healthy selection of Scene modes, the most common of which are on the Mode dial itself.

More to the point, though, it offers an Easy mode that only lets you turn off Auto Flash. The Canon A is well suited to everyone from children to grandparents, but that doesn’t mean it has no frills or firepower.

Let’s take a closer look. Large LCD with optical viewfinder and simple control layout. The Canon A inherits the basic A-Series body design. It’s not your sleek little credit card camera, maual its bulk is sculpted to fit your a5880 and give you a nice grip around the AA battery compartment.

Those batteries add some heft, a good thing in a small camera. The Canon A is dominated on the front, by the large protruding lens below the flash in the top powershof corner. The top panel holds the large Shutter button of the Canon A surrounded by a Zoom ring, the large Mode dial hanging slightly over the back edge, and the small Power button. The back control layout is also typical of the A-Series with an optical viewfinder above the 2.

Find the Power button to turn the camera on in whatever mode the Mode switch is cano Record or Playback. In Record mode you’ll be set to the mode indicated by a raised pointer near the Mode dial. PowerShot Manual Auto with optionsAuto green mode or Easy are the basics, with several popular Scene modes, powersuot Scene mode for more Scene modes, and finally Movie mode, all on the dial. The Menu button in the bottom left corner of the back panel only has two tabs: Record options and Setup options.


Pressing the Function button takes you to whatever options your mode permits. The arrow keys offer the usual functions: Besides the Menu button, there’s a Display button to cycle through the manuao displays on the LCD and caanon Transfer button to send images to a printer or computer. The LCD shows you almost exactly what the camera is going to capture, but it’s a low resolution LCD with justpixels.

Canon PowerShot A580

It can be hard to see in sunlight with its reflective surface. That’s when you turn to the optical viewfinder, but it only shows you about 80 percent, which is typical. There is no diopter adjustment for eyeglass wearers but there are a couple of status LEDs for flash and focus to the right of the optical viewfinder so you can tell when the camera is ready to fire.

The lens has a 4x optical zoom range, a just a little more than the 3x zooms common on inexpensive digicams. And it has a nice range from 35 to mm. That will get the whole room in at a birthday party and still give you some flexibility when shooting tourist shots.

The 35mm wide-angle setting does exhibit noticeable barrel distortion of 0. I only janual one issue with the body. A little practice may go a long way, but you have to push the spring-loaded lock to toward the front then slide the cover toward the right of the camera to open it.

And it took some muscle to flatten it so you could slide it closed.

PowerShot A – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

Canon’s menu system is hierarchical. The Menu button takes you to setup options like formatting the card and setting the clock as well as camera options like setting how long a just-snapped image is displayed or which autofocus option to use.

This menu lets you adjust image size, white balance and exposure compensation. Shooting options that are likely to change from shot to shot have their own buttons, including ISO, Macro mode, Flash mode, and the Self-timer.

Canon seems to delight in moving those last functions around from camera to camera. That shell game is a weakness in what is, essentially, a sound concept.

Camera settings can indeed be organized into a useful hierarchy you aren’t going to set the clock every shot but you might want to change EV. EV is the default option, making the Function button an EV button. But is it an important weakness or one of those things you have to be a reviewer to be annoyed by? I recommend studying the control layout to make sure things you want to use are actually available at a touch. EV, for example, is very important to the way I shoot.

If it didn’t, I’d look for a camera that was friendlier to my shooting habits. However, it could be that Canon has determined it’s more important for people to be able to set the ISO speed. We’ll see as more new Canons come out. I was indeed disappointed to see that the Canon A does not offer a true manual mode.

A-Series cameras have always had high-end features at a great price in a rangefinder-like style that should appeal to people who are interested in learning more about photography. Mode dial with Shutter button and Zoom lever.

Power button is just to the left of the Mode dial. But there’s a real push by Canon this year to make less expensive PowerShots. And the Canon A is quite a bargain even if it doesn’t have all the tools we’ve come to expect. What janual you get?


You get 10 options for Record mode on the Mode Dial. Manual gives you the most control of the camera, although shutter speed and aperture are not accessible. You do get access to mznual balance, exposure compensation, and My Colors. You can select a specific ISO. Auto the green mode simplifies things a bit. Easy is even more constrained, controlling everything except whether the flash fires automatically or is disabled. The Function and Canoon buttons don’t respond not even with a beep in Easy mode.

Finally, the Mode dial offers a Movie mode. X580 can record standard video no High Definition at x and 20 fps a bit below the broadcast standard of 24 fps. It also offers a x, 20 fps LP mode presumably with greater compression and a x at 30 fps.


A compact mode offers x at 15 fps, too. Digital zoom is available in powrshot modes not compact but you can only zoom in digitally from your starting composition; optical zoom is unavailable.

While the Canon A doesn’t have a widescreen Movie mode, it does offer a That will fill your HDTV screen very nicely in landscape mode. Macro mode is another off-the-dial option that adds a new dimension to your shooting.

On the Canon A, you can get as close as two inches in wide angle and 12 inches in telephoto, capturing an image area as small as 2 x 1. The Canon A enjoys some interesting technology, inherited from its stablemates.

One of the more impressive a58 of this power is Canon’s motion detection canoon. If, for example, you’re shooting a landscape which has nowhere to go, the Canon A selects a lower ISO to optimize image quality.

If you’re focused on a hyperactive infant, it can crank up the Canon A’s ISO to use a faster shutter speed and avoid blur. You don’t have to do anything to activate this feature, either. It’s what Auto is all about.

Besides finding faces in the scene to set focus and set exposure, it now adjusts white balance to optimize skin tones and can track cajon single face in a scene, too. The DIGIC III brings a new scene recognition technology with it based on an internal database of thousands of images that inform focus speed, accuracy, exposure, and white balance. These advances aren’t just limited to Record mode, though.

Press the Display button until Focus Check appears and the LCD displays a thumbnail of your image in the top left and a crop powershog the bottom right. It also displays colored frames to indicate powersot detection grayfocus whiteand the crop orange. Using the Zoom lever you can magnify the crop and using the arrow keys you can navigate the crop over the whole image to inspect any detail.

You can jump from face to face just powershor pressing the Function button, making it easy to see whose eyes were closed or who didn’t smile in that group shot. Pretty advanced for an entry-level camera. The Canon A is powered by two AA batteries.

It comes with a pair of alkalines, but they won’t last long. We recommend a set of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the latest of which can hold most of poeershot charge for quite a while. See our review of the Eneloop AAs for details.