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pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Canon MP All in One Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2 . The MultiPASS MP Desktop Photo Printer, Copier and Scanner delivers exceptional performance and versatility to the home office. Print high-quality text and. Canon U.S.A., Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order that it will this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed.

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Safety information Please read the safety warnings and cautions provided in this guide to ensure that you use your machine safely. Do not attempt to use the machine in any way not described in this guide. Using the machine in such conditions may result in canin or electrical shock. Then contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line. Installing in such a location may smartbaee in fire or electrical shock. Using a different power cord may cause electric leakage or damage to the machine.


They will be hot and may result in burns or electrical shock. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Canon Inc.

This guide includes instructions for setting up your machine and getting it ready for use. Reading the documentation Symbols used in this guide Please read the list below of symbols used in this guide. The following symbols are used to indicate important instructions.

Be sure to obey these instructions. Terms used in this guide Please read the list below of terms and abbreviations used in this guide. I Legal limitations on usage of your product and the use of images VII How to use the documentation provided Printing from Your Computer Before printing Cancelling after the machine starts printing. Computer cannot be started Your machine incorporates the following functions in one simple-to-operate device: Also, applies advanced copy Printer.

Main components and their functions This section provides the name and location of main components of this machine, and also describes their functions.

Machine Exterior Rear view and interior Chapter 1 Introduction Tray extension Supports print media loaded on the multi-purpose tray. Pull it out manusl loading print media.

Multi-purpose tray Used to load print media. Operation panel Displays the operating status of the machine. It is also used to change or check the settings of each function.

MultiPASS MP360

Press this button to remove the CF card adaptor, Microdrive memory card, or CompactFlash from the card slot. Inner cover Open this cover when setting the paper maual lever, replacing the ink tanks, or clearing a paper jam.

Selects or confirms settings. Also, press this key smartbasse recover to standby mode after correcting paper jams and other errors that stop printing. Chapter 1 MP Introduction Chapter Document Handling Document requirements The documents you load on the platen glass for copying or scanning must meet these requirements: Loading documents To copy or scan a document, set it on the platen glass.


Lift the csnon cover. Paper Thickness Lever Position: If the paper smartnase not feed normally, fan the sheets prior to loading them up to 10 in the multi-purpose tray. Fanning the sheets will prevent them from sticking mp60. Printing from your computer Guidelines and restrictions: Indicates Canon specialty media. Chapter 3 Print Media Handling Chapter 3 5 in.

Before printing, be sure to set the paper thickness lever. Close the inner cover. Return the mabual unit to its original position. Prepare the envelopes for loading. Also, press firmly on the area that corresponds to the edges of the back flap. Chapter Copying Documents ml360 can copy For information on the types of documents you can copy, their requirements, and details on loading them, see Chapter 2.

Setting the print media size and type For copying, on the operation panel, you need to set the size and type of print media loaded in the multi-purpose tray. Suitable for photo paper pro. Suitable for photo paper plus glossy.

Adjusting image quality resolution You can adjust the image quality according to the document to be copied. Adjusting exposure density Exposure density is the degree of difference between light and dark. Increasing the exposure setting further blackens dark areas and whitens bright areas.

Whereas decreasing the exposure setting reduces the difference between bright and dark areas. You can adjust the exposure between nine gradations. Using preset copy ratios Preset copy ratios are convenient when changing between standard print media sizes, for example, reducing A4 to A5 size, or enlarging B5 to A4 size.

Using custom copy ratios This method enables you to enlarge or reduce the copy ratio in percentage, to subtly cnon the size to which to copy the document. Copying an image to fit the page If the document to be copied is larger or smaller than the specified print media size, you can automatically reduce or enlarge the image to fit manial selected print media size.

Copying two pages on a single page This feature enables you to copy two documents onto a single sheet of print media, by reducing and rotating each image 90 degrees.

Borderless copying This feature enables you to copy colour images so that they fill the entire page without borders. For details on setting the print media size, see page Repeating an image on a page This feature enables you to copy an image multiple times onto a single page.

You can set the machine to automatically select the number of times it repeats the image, or you can specify the number. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the number of vertical repetitions max. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the number of horizontal repetitions max. Creating a mirror image This feature enables you to make a mirror copy of a document. Use this feature when copying onto T-shirt transfers so that the image is oriented correctly when ironed onto fabric.


Load the document on the platen glass. Shrinking an image to fit the page If the image to be copied is larger than the print media, this feature will automatically reduce the image to fit the print media size.

Adjust the settings for your document as necessary.

Chapter Photo Printing from a Memory Card MP There are several ways you can print photos directly from a memory card, without using a computer.

In particular, if you use a Photo Index Sheet, you can easily specify photographs and set the printing options.

Canon All in One Printer MP User Guide |

Compatible memory cards The following cards are compatible with the machine. They are inserted into the card slots as described below: Removing a memory card Follow this procedure: Convenient printing functions You can select print setting options, such as printing photographs without borders and printing blues and greens in landscape photographs brighter.

Setting borderless printing This feature enables you to print coloured images so that they fill the entire page without borders. To select the width to be cropped for borderless printing: Use [ ] or [ ] to select the width to be cropped from the borders of the original image.

Printing by using the Photo Index Sheet With the MP, you can easily print photographs manuual filling in the appropriate circles on a Photo Index Sheet to select print options and photographs you want to print. Simply scanning a Photo Index Sheet prints the selected photographs according to the circles you fill.

Turn ON the machine, and load A4- or letter-size paper in the multi-purpose tray.

Canon MP360 All in One Printer User Manual

Insert the memory card into the card slot. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the range of photographs to print on the Photo Index Sheet. Go to step 7. Use [ ] or [ ] smartnase select the last recorded date of photographs you want to print.

Load the print media selected on the Photo Index Sheet smartbaase the multi-purpose tray. Move the paper thickness cankn left Load the Photo Index Sheet canin the platen Press [Photo Index Sheet].

Printing all images This printing method will individually print all photographs stored on a memory card. Turn ON the machine, and load the correct print media in the multi-purpose tray. Select whether to enable borderless printing or not. Index printing With the MP, you can print an index to check all the image data on the memory card, and select the settings for individual images and print them according to your preference.

The operation flow is as follows: Print an index to see thumbnails of all the images on the memory card. Print the photographs from your computer. Select whether to enable date printing or not. Select whether to enable vivid photo printing or not.