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V5R12 allows critical PLM components to be merged in collaborative workspaces allowing lifecycle management and product design activities to be conducted in parallel while ensuring synchronization of collaboration edsign the context of correct, up-to-date data.

With collaboration at the heart of PLM, V5R12 enables companies to move one step closer to becoming on demand businesses.

Soluttions helps them to focus on their products, become more agile, deliver right-to-market products, and achieve lean manufacturing. The new V5R12 product portfolio brings business value to manufacturers in the following areas:.

!!!Catia V5R12 Mechanical Design Solutions 1 pdf

Core Business – V5R12 enables companies to organize activities around their core business and focus on products. For example, it delivers built-in lifecycle management functions that enable designers to focus on the creative aspect of their jobs while complying 5vr12 standard corporate processes and certain government regulations.

V5R12 redraws the boundaries between traditional product authoring and PDM-related activities, aolutions users with unified PLM workspaces in which they can process all facets of their activity. Content for Collaboration – V5R12 helps companies deliver the right content for collaboration throughout the product lifecycle.


This improves exchanges between extended enterprise teams and helps businesses respond rapidly to market change. Requirements and Specifications – V5R12 allows companies to better link product design with requirement and specification management in order to dynamically adapt to market demand.

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For example, it integrates specification-driven modeling for molded parts based on revolutionary functional modeling technology from pioneering software company ImpactXoft. It also advances requirements and functional management in system engineering for electronics through enhanced tools and innovative best practices. Manufacturing Resources solhtions V5R12 provides a unified workspace that connects product creation and manufacturing resources definition to help companies make cost-efficient production decisions.

For example, it delivers new capabilities for selecting optimal manufacturing resources and minimizes tooling costs through maximizing reuse. It also introduces a new set of generative tooling PLM Best Practices that solutiosn resources standardization and help tooling suppliers decrease costs and win more business. Additional Highlights – In addition to collaborative workspaces, Mechanicall offers improved deployability with enhancements that include: Finally, the V5R12 portfolio is designed to enable industry-proven PLM methodologies to optimize the manufacturing process.

It is about giving businesses a completely integrated, collaborative, enterprise-wide PLM system that enables them to create value in competitive markets.

!!!Catia V5R12 Mechanical Design Solutions 1 pdf

As aerospace OEMs such as Airbus and Boeing outsource more work packages to the supply chain, they are increasingly focusing on the tools and methods used in the execution. In less than desihn month, we were able to rapidly align with Airbus using the CATIA V5 applications that are the standard in the aerospace industry.


In addition, we are now able to offer a true business benefit to our customers by using the solutions to develop new methods to cut waste, combine processes and increase quality. CATIA for collaborative product development – delivers a breakthrough in product design with the introduction of a revolutionary functional modeling approach. V5R12 mechanidal reinforces CATIA’s leadership position in industry business processes with new products and features that turn experience into advantage.

SMARTEAM for lifecycle and product data management – boosts enterprise PLM proliferation through unrivalled system extendibility, behavior-rich flexibility, robust WebSphere support and report-enabled decision support. DELMIA for the engineering of lean manufacturing processes – includes Automotive industry enhancements such as superior Body in White process planning and strengthened automatic assembly line balancing.

Other improvements include NC machining and human task simulation improvements. Build your own feed.

CATIA – Mechanical Design Solutions

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