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Characterization of distributed systems − Examples − Resource sharing and the Web − Challenges − System models − Architectural and. BE Lecturer Notes IT – MOBILE COMPUTING L T P C 3 0 0 3 . CS – DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS UNIT I BASIC CONCEPTS. CS Distributed Systems November / December Question Paper CSE 6th Semester Regulation Anna university Trichirapalli. BE/B Tech Degree.

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Chand and Company ltd. Jacob Millman and Christos C. David A Patterson and John L.

Venugopal, Rajkumar Buyya and T. Chand, Naresh K. Measurement of characteristics of Zener Diode Measurement of characteristics syatems Special Diodes such as a. Design and testing of Rectifiers with and without Filters. Input and Output characteristics of BJT and determination of h- parameters from the graph.

Output characteristics of JFET. Plot of Transfer characteristics from the output characteristics. Determination of pinch off voltage and Ids 8. Fixed Bias amplifier circuits using BJT. BJT Amplifier using voltage divider bias self bias with unbypassed emitter resistor.

Source follower with Bootstrapped gate resistance. Firing Characteristics of SCR.

MA2264/CSE21 Numerical Methods CSE Anna University paper 2013

Measurement of Intrinsic stands off ratio of UJT. The Linux System — Windows L: Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Design of an Editor: Design of an Assembler. Token Separation and Symbol Table Manipulation.

Construction of Parsing Table. Use C for high level language implementation 1. For each of the Scheduling Policies – compute and print the average waiting time and average turnaround time 8. Implement the Producer – Consumer problem using Semaphores. Implement some Memory Management Schemes – I Free space is maintained as a linked list of nodes with each node having the starting byte address and the ending byte address of a free block.

Each memory request consists of the process id and the amount of storage space required in bytes. Allocated memory space is again maintained as a linked list of nodes with each node having the process id, starting byte address and the ending byte address of the allocated space. When a process finishes taken as input the appropriate node from the allocated list should be deleted and this free disk space should be added to the free space list. This results in deleting more than one node from the free space list and changing the start and end address in the appropriate node].


Redhat Suite High Availability Overview

For allocation use first fit, worst fit and best fit. High-Level Language extension with Cursors. High Level Language extension with Triggers 5. Database Design using E-R model and Normalization.

Distributed Computing: Principles, Algorithms, and Systems – Kshemkalyani and Singhal

Design and Implementation of Payroll Processing System. Design and Implementation of Banking System. Design and Implementation of Library Information System. Ltd, New Delhi, Bernard Kolman, Robert C. Kurose and Keith W. Peterson and Peter S.

A program that takes a binary file as input and performs bit stuffing and CRC Computation. An application for transferring files over RS Simulation of Sliding-Window protocol.

Programs for Sorting and Searching Using Programs for String Manipulation Operations Using Interfacing and Programming, and Serial Communication between Two Microprocessor Kits using Communication between Microcontroller kit and PC. Writing code for keyboard and mouse events. Document view Architecture, Serialization. Menu, Accelerator, Tool tip, Tool bar. Creating DLLs and using them. Data access through ODBC. Creating ActiveX control and using it. I and II, Environ Media. Copper and Gorhani, T.

Use LEX tool to implement a lexical analyzer. Implement the front end of a compiler that generates the three address code for a simple language with: Implement the back end of the compiler which takes the three address code generated in problems 7 and 8, and produces the assembly language instructions that can be assembled and run using a assembler.

The target assembly instructions can be simple move, add, sub, jump. Also simple addressing modes are used. To perform 2D Transformations such as translation, rotation, scaling, reflection and sharing. To implement Cohen-Sutherland 2D clipping and window-viewport mapping.

To perform 3D Transformations such as translation, rotation and scaling. To visualize projections of 3D images and Hidden Surface Elimination. To convert between color models.


CS Distributed Systems Lecture Notes

To implement text compression algorithm. To implement image compression algorithm. To perform animation using any Animation software. To perform basic operations on image using any image editing software. Tech students of Anna University Tiruchirappalli and affiliated colleges The aim of the course is two-fold: Each lab session shall last for three periods.

List of activities that are to be carried out: Listening and speaking practice exercises with communicative functions. Practice with more advanced communicative functions. Making an oral presentation in English. Listening to telephone conversations in English and completing the tasks. Giving an exposure to and practice with model group discussion and interviews. Setting goals and objectives exercises. Prioritizing and time planning exercises.

Critical and creative thinking exercises. Improving body language and cross-cultural communication with pictures. Cambridge University Press, To learn and practice the various functionalities of appropriate Case Tools for the following Software Engineering concepts 1. Problem Statement Thorough study of distributde problem-Identify project scope, Objectives and infrastructure. UML Use work products-data dictionary, use case diagrams and ristributed diagrams, build and test, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams and add interface to class diagrams.

Software Implementation Coding-Use tools for automatic code generation from system specifications.

Software Testing Prepare test plan, perform validation testing, coverage analysis, leaks, develop test case hierarchy, Site check and site monitor. Change Management Program, Data and Documentation ssytems 7. Reverse Engineering Apply Reverse Engineering approach and compare with the forward engineering approach.

Prepare documents and reports. Create a distributed application to download various files from various servers using RMI.

Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for Banking operations. Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for Library operations.

Create an Active-X control for File operations.