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The latest Tweets from Dave Raggett (@draggett). I am a part of the W3C Team and the champion for the Web of Things. I have been involved with many core. Member of staff at W3C’s European host, Dave has long been involved with the development of Web technology standards. – draggett. Dave Raggett. Updated: 09/15/ by Computer Hope. Dave Raggett Name: Dave Raggett. Born: June 8,

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The Web of Things seeks to reduce the costs and risks for developing such […] More….

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I have also been working on broadening the Web to include all kinds of network appliances, whether in the home, office or on the move, and at the same time reducing the cost and complexities involved in developing Web applications through declarative languages that enable higher level authoring tools. From toDave Raggett worked at Research Machines, designing and developing software for local networking of Z80 machines for use in schools.

These applications involve identifying resources and managing them within the context of an application session. Raggett on HTML 4. The Ubiquitous Web seeks to broaden the capabilities of browsers to enable new kinds of web applications, particularly those involving coordination with other devices. I have participated in a number of European research projects: The workshop raised a number of security related issues, and the importance of extending the web application model out into the physical world of sensors and effectors.

Retrieved 17 June The result is expressed in XML and allows you to write definitions that extend earlier ones, but without the need to modify the definitions they extend. Data and data services are increasingly strategically important for businesses. In addition, I have provided companies with assistance on several patent suits relating to early work on the World Wide Web.

Some companies provide native applications that users can install on the smart phones, but this is not a panacea. My interest in multimodal interaction started years ago, and dabe to work within the Voice Browser activity and more recently to a new W3C Multimodal activity of which I am the W3C Activity Lead. I am currently working on developing a means to integrate speech with web pages via an open source proxy speech server based on HTTP. That talk also describes my ideas for richer mechanisms to support distributed meetings, and for recording and playback of presentations along with the speaker’s voice building upon HTML Slidy.


Views Read Edit View history. I am a visiting professor for the University of the West of England. I plan to work on an open source broad coverage statistical natural language processor for parsing and generation, and a relevancy-based inference system for natural language semantics.

Outreach through conference presentations and panels, e. The focus will be on connected TVs, In my spare time I enjoy diving with the Bath Sub-Aqua Cluband recently became an assistant instructor.

I enjoy working in distributed teams and have worked in this way since the early nineties. InRaggett devoted his spare time to developing a Web browser called Arenaon which he hoped to demonstrate new and future HTML specifications. From toRaggett worked as a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Bristol, Englandwhere he pursued a variety of projects, including expert systems[3] hypertext[3] networkingWeb browsersand serversembedded systemsinteractive voice response systems.

Retrieved 2 March Statistical approaches offer a way out of the combinatorial explosion faced by AI, and I am excited by work in cognitive science on relevancy theory and the potential for applying statistical learning techniques to semantics, learning on the fly or from tagged corpora.

See also these notes on my personal involvement with the early days. The primary initial market is for replacing the current generation of touch-tone voice menuing systems, so common these days when you call up companies.

The decision to implement a proxy server came after experience with implementing a binary Firefox extension for speech synthesis which I demoed at the W3C Technical Plenary in early Retrieved 26 August He was convinced that hypertext Web pages could be much more exciting, like magazine pages rather than textbook pages, and that HTML could be used to position not just text on a page but pictures, tables, and other features. Dave Raggett is an English computer specialist who has played a major role in implementing the World Wide Web since If you are interested in collaborating on this, please contact me.

I have a strong interest in AI and opportunities for overcoming the limitations of deep learning to enable continuous learning with much smaller datasets. Retrieved 9 June He created a browser called Arena. I am married with a son and a daughter, and live in Bradford on Avon, near Bath in the west of England. He will explain how W3C is focusing on simplifying application development through a platform of platforms […] More….

I am intrigued with the idea of giving computers a modicum of common sense, or in other words a practical knowledge of everyday things.


Dave Raggett’s Work at W3C

I launched the Model Based User Interface Incubator Group in October to evaluate research on model-based user interface design as a framework for authoring Web applications and with a view to proposing work on related standards. This page xave last edited on 22 Novemberat The Web of data is growing rapidly, and interoperability depends upon the availability of open standards, whether intended for interchange within small communities, or for use on a global scale.

The market potential is currently held back by fragmentation in the communication technologies and a lack of shared approaches to services.

I organized and chaired a W3C workshop on the Ubiquitous Web in Tokyo on March as a means to share use cases, research results, and implementation experience.

Dave spent his 10 percent time, plus a lot of evenings and weekends, raggeett Arena. Retrieved 28 September I am a UK citizen living in the west of England close to the city of Bath. Max Froumentin and I, explored this in some ideas for extending CSS to describe interaction based upon the idea of text as an abstract modality.

Studies show that corporate websites are for the most part not designed for their usability on smart phones. The first day is devoted to workshops and the second to plenary sessions.

The Ubiquitous Web will provide a framework for exposing device coordination capabilities to Web applications. The Internet of Things is a hot topic in technical circles with many potential domains of applications, for instance, home automation, security, healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities and lots more. Recently the maintenance of Tidy has been taken over by a group of dedicated volunteers on SourceForge, see: This workshop seeks to make it easier to monetize open Web applications, as an effective alternative to proprietary native app ecosystems.

My long term aim is to understand this better and to put it into practice in the form of a multi-user conversational agent that is accessible over the Web, so that we can harness the power of the Web to allow volunteers to teach the system common sense knowledge by conversing with it in English and eventually other languages.