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Los cálculos renales, también conocidos como nefrolitiasis o urolitiasis, son acreciones sólidas (cristales) de minerales disueltos en la orina que se encuentran. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Definición de la enfermedad. La hiperoxaluria primaria tipo 1 familiar; también formas secundarias de hiperoxaluria y urolitiasis idiopática por oxalato cálcico.

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Hospital Universitario La Paz.

Fisiología humana/Sistema urinario

Por otra parte, exponemos los resultados de una serie de casos. Presentamos nuestra serie reciente de URS Flex para el tratamiento de la litiasis renal. This paper has two main objectives: First, to expose the URS technique used in our Department because there are important differences with respect to others centres published, explaining same aspect that urolitissis benefit to the better development of the technique.

Second, we present the results of a series of cases. Flexible ureterorenoscopy Flex URS has been little used to date, mainly because of the technical difficulties created by the deficient quality of the instruments used, such as ureteroscopes offering scant visibility, urolitiasie illumination, a small working channel, deficient quality of the forceps and baskets, etc. We present our recent series of flexible URS for the treatment of renal lithiasis.

We performes a retrospective analysis of this treatment corresponding to the period between January and March In this period we have treated patients.


The medium size of the stone treated is 1.

The lithotripter system used in all cases was Ho: YAG Laser with and micras fibers Results: Residual stones, defined as stone fragments visualized in the operating room via fluoroscopy and directly with the flexible ureteroscope. Three months after surgery, the SFR was Regarding complications, we had 5 patients with ureteral lesions during protector sheath pass and 9 patients that presented at the emergency room with pain secondary to the double J catheter.

Flexible URS for of renal lithiasis can be defended in stones measuring up to 2 cm in diameter, based on our treatment algorithm. La ureterorrenoscopia flexible URS Flex. Una vez finalizada la litotricia, para la cual comenzamos con 0. Otro campo interesante es el de los pacientes en edad infantil.

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Cólico nefrítico en el servicio de urgencias: Estudio epidemiológico, diagnóstico y etiopatogénico

Prospective, randomized trial comparing shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy for coger pole caliceal calculi 1 cm or less.

J Urol, ; 5 Suppl: Flexible Ureteroscopy is the ideal choice to manage a 1. J Endourol, ; Grasso M, Ficazzola M. Retrograde ureteropyeloscopy for lower pole caliceal calculi.


Ureteroscopic versus percutaneous treatment for medium-size cm renal calculi. Definifion ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy for single intrarenal stones 2cm or greater-is this the new frontier?. Retrograde ureteropyeloscopic holmium laser lithotripsy for large renal calculi.

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UROLITIASIS by Melisa Schreiber on Prezi

Impact of flexible ureteroscopy in current management of nephrolitiasis. Curr Opin Urol ; Retrograde intrarenal surgery as second-line therapy yields a lower success rate.

Endourological management of pediatric stone urooitiasis J Urol ; Pediatric flexible ureteroscopic lithotripsy: Ureteroscopy and holmium laser lithotripsy in pregnancy: Safety and efficacy of flexible ureteroscopy and holmium: YAG lithotripsy for intrarenal stones in anticoagulated cases. Impact of preoperative ureteral stenting on outcome of ureteroscopic treatment for urinary lithiasis.

Hyams E y Shah O.