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GEU Burst mode off. Compression Technology. YES. Service Manual. Specifications. Items. Tag Heuer. Remarks. SCXN/DELL. Periodic Replacing. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Print, scan, copy, and fax with the Dell Multifunction Laser Printer n. Fast, durable, and . Each new Dell printer includes full instructions on how to dispose .

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Summary of product 5. Disassembly and Reassembly 6. Alignment and Adjustments 7. Exploded Views and Parts List 9. Precautions In manul to prevent accidents and to prevent damage to the equipment please read the precautions listed below carefully before servicing the printer and follow them closely.

High voltages and lasers inside this product are dangerous. This liquid is toxic. Contact with the skin should be avoided, wash any splashes from eyes or skin immediately and contact your doctor. Failure to do so could cause the printer to tip or manhal. The fuser unit works at a high temperature. Use caution when working on the printer. Wait for the fuser to cool down before disassembly. Examples of typical ESDs are: The techniques outlined below should be followed to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity.

Reference Information This chapter contains the tools list, list of abbreviations used in this manual, and a guide to the location space required when installing the printer.

A definition of tests pages and Wireless Network information definition is also included. The contents of this service manual are declared with abbreviations in many parts.

Please refer to the table. The contents of the life span and the printing speed are measured with the pattern shown in below. Specfications are correct at the time of printing.

Dell Printer n User Guide |

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. See below for product specifications. Resolution Normal xdpi x. Summary of Product 4. Summary of Product This chapter describes the functions and operating principal of the main component. When you want to: Automatic Document Load the document for copying, scanning, or Feeder sending faxes.

Operator Panel Operate the machine. Paper O utput Keep print media del falling off the front Extension output tray. Janual of Product Use the: Document Cover Open to place a document on the scanner glass.


Document Input Tray Load the document for copying, scanning and sending faxes. Document Guides Ensure proper document feeding.

Rear Cover Open to remove the paper jams and use the rear output slot when you print the documents from the Bypass tray. The cassette has the friction pad, which separates paper one by one and prevent multi- sheet feeding.

It scans the video data received from video controller with laser beam by using a rotating polygon mirror to create the latent image on the OPC drum. The OPC drum rotates as the same speed as the paper feeding speed. The developer unit contains toner, toner cartridge, supply roller, developing roller, and blade Doctor blade – Developing Method: Non magnetic 1 element contacting method – Toner: Non magnetic 1 element shatter type toner It controls the basic machine operations including the fax, scan, printer operations, sensor detection and power levels.

Voltage to transfer developed toner on OPC drum to a paper.

It is assembled by an independent module, so it is possible to use for common use. It is mounted at the bottom of the set. It 160n consisted of the SMPS part, which supplies the DC power for driving the system, and the AC heater control part, which supplies the power to fuser.

Summary of Product 6 Feature – Insulating resistance: Must be no problem within 1min.

Within 2Sec – Falling Time: Over 20ms – Surge: If feeding from a manual feeder, insert the paper according to the operation of the manual sensor, and by driving the dsll motor, insert the paper in front of the feed sensor. By converting the voltage value to a digital value, through the AD converter, the temperature is decided.

The AC power is controlled by comparing the target temperature to the value from the thermistor. The circuit is consist- ed of matching transfer to conform to impedance of a receiving telephone line and a circuit to conform to impedance of a modem.

Disassembly and Reassembly 5. The close proximity of cables to moving parts makes proper Many of the parts are held in manal with dekl routing a must. Remove the four screws securing the Rear Cover.

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Unlatch the Cover Face Up securing the Rear cover, as shown below. Then lift the Cover Face Up out. Cover Face Up 2. Open the 11600n cover and remove the 2 screws on the should remove: Open the Front Cover.


Unlatch the Front Cover securing the Frame Ass’y. Then remove the Front Cover, as shown below.

Front Cover Service Manual Before you remove the Scanner Ass’y, you should 4. Pull up the Scanner Ass’y, as shown below. Remove the 2 screws securing the Scanner Ass’y, as shown below. Remove the Scaner Harness Cable. Remove the 3 screws and the connector and remove the OPE unit as shown below. Remove the 4 screws securing the Scan Upper. Lift the front part of the cover OPE dummy to release the hook connecting the cover with the scan assem- bly. Remove the CCD Cable, as shown below. Push the Belt Holder and take out the Belt, as shown below.

Remove the Reduction Gear and Idle Gear, as shown below.

Remove the 3 screws and take out the Motor Unlatch the Open Sensor and remove it, as shown Bracket. Motor Braket Open Sensor Unplug the one connector from the Open Sensor Remove the 2 screws securing the Upper Cover and remove: Before you remove the OPE Unit, you should remove: Before you remove the Exit Dll, you should.

Remove the Exit Gear and Bearing, as shown below.

Dell 1600n – Multifunction Laser Printer B/W Service Manual

Before you remove the Main PBA, you should remove: Before you remove the Engine Shield Ass’y, you 3. Remove the 12 screws securing the Engine Shield should remove: Ass’y and remove it.

Before you remove the SMPS, you should remove: Remove the 4 screws securing the SMPS. Before you remove the Fuser Ass’y, you should 4. Remove the 2 screws securing the Halogen Lamp. Unwrap the Thermistor Harness, as shown below. Remove the one screw securing the Thermister and remove it, as shown below. Thermistor Thermistor Service Manual Before you remove the Fan, you should remove: Then take out the Fan. Before you remove the LSU, you should remove: Unplug the two connectors.

Mqnual you remove the Drive Ass’y, you should 3. Take out the Drive Ass’y, then unplug the connector remove: