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DocketPORT scanners fully support the latest version of the TWAIN specification. . How many times can I use my cleaning and calibration sheets? Cleaning. Docketport calibration sheet pdf. To install every update that is available, just run the following write Can I get some help with my Nokia dual sim. They gave me a direct link to download the config sheet. FTP/PDFs/

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View Cart Log-in Log-out. What other programs will work with my scanner? Along with most commercially available scanning applications, DocketPORT scanners are also compatible with many specialized applications within the healthcare, banking industries and more.

Please contact our sales department if you have any questions about a specific industry application. How can I tell if my Vista operating system is 32 or 64 bit? Click the Start button then click Control Panel. Make sure the control panel is in Classic view.

Click on the System icon. Look in the System section. It will be listed as System Type. Be aware that if you are using Windows XPe make sure you have Service Pack 2 installed and install the appropriate driver on the client hardware connected to the scanner.

Please refer to this article on the Citrix support site if you need further information. The scan speed will vary based on the physical size of the document, DPI, your scanner type and other factors. Please refer to the product specification page of caliration scanner you are interested in for more detailed information.

Your scanner is clearly designed to work with a notebook computer; will it also work with a desktop PC? In fact, the scanner is perfect for desktop computer users that do not want to take up valuable desk space that a flatbed scanner needs. It can calubration conveniently moved out of the way when you are done scanning your documents or unplugged and put in your notebook bag to take on the road with you.

What is the warranty 6665 my dlcketport Your scanner comes with a limited one year parts and labor warranty. Can I order more photo sleeves? Sheft call our sales department at An important feature of a scanner is resolution, which is the amount of detail recorded by the scanner.

Resolution is measured in dots per inch caibration. The greater the dpi number, the higher the resolution. A bit scanner, for example, typically has an optical resolution of x dpi, while bit or bit scanners typically have optical resolutions of at least x dpi.

Interpolated resolution is accomplished in software by surrounding pixels already seen by the scanner with new xheet that are mathematical averages of the original pixels. Interpolation can be helpful when enlarging images to retain clarity, or when scanning black-and-white images or fine line art to produce smoother lines. My scans have a black background. Can I change the black background to white? Given that the internal rollers within the DocketPORT sheet-fed scanners are black, it is not possible to change the background color to white in the calibraiton image output.


We suggest that you select the scan size closest to the item you are scanning to minimize the black space.

Click on the Plus icon next to Imaging devices. Right click on your scanner and go to Properties. Then click the Driver tab and click on Driver Details. If there are no imaging devices, confirm that it is not located Unknown devices or Other devices. If the scanner is located in Unknown devices or Docket;ort devices or has a yellow exclamation point next to the scanner under Imaging devices please contact technical support at There docjetport be multiple drivers listed in this inventory, if there is only one please contact technical support at How do I recalibrate my scanner?

Occasionally, it may become necessary to re-calibrate your scanner. To do this, open your primary scanning application and initiate a docketporh. You can also use these same instructions to clean your scanner. What do I do if my scanner is not working properly? First, read and see if there are any FAQs that relate to the problem you are having. If not, please feel free to call technical support at How do I clean my scanner?

Each scanner ships with a special cleaning sheet. Used in combination with the scanner cleaning mode, these sheets can help to improve image quality.

You can initiate the cleaning mode by opening your primary scanning application and then initiating a scan. It is a good idea calibartion also recalibrate your scanner following a cleaning. Call Tech Support at What is the purpose of scanner calibration?

The purpose is to ensure accurate reproduction of color for images. Full color calibration is really a two-step process: By calibrating input and output devices correctly, color is accurately captured by your scanner and is reproduced faithfully on your monitor or printer as well.

Where can I get replacement calibration sheets?

Please see your monitor or printer manufacturer for information on calibrating these devices. How often should I calibrate my scanner? For an average user, we recommend calibrating your scanner about every three months.

For heavy users, once a month may be necessary. Generally, the best indicator of a needed calibration will be when your scanned documents show a grayish or hazy discoloration.

Need calibration sheet for ambir scanner ps – Fixya

Dark or black streaks on your scans are a good indication that your scanner may need cleaning. Please use the cleaning sheets supplied with your scanner. What do I do if there are black lines on all of my scans? The first thing you should do is calibrate you scanner. Take the cleaning sheet that came with your scanner and spray it with cleaning solution before running it through the scanner cleaning cycle.

How do I obtain service for my scanner? How often should I clean my scanner? For calbration average user, we recommend cleaning your scanner about every three months.

Calibration sheet for ambir scanner – Ambir Technology Office Equipment & Supplies

For heavy users, once a month or even more frequently may be necessary. Generally, the best indicator of a needed cleaning will be the appearance of any black streaks that show up on your scanned document. We recommend recalibrating your scanner first. If this does shwet improve the quality of your scans, then clean your scanner using the supplied cleaning sheets.


I scanned a document with wet Liquid Paper.

What should I do? It is important to avoid scanning documents with wet liquid paper as this may damage your scanner. If you do happen to scan a document with wet liquid paper on it you will wheet to immediately clean your scanner 3 or 4 times. If you sbeet still getting black streaks after this cleaning please call technical support at First, make sure that your USB cables add up to a length of no more than 10ft. If applicable, try plugging directly into the computer instead of a hub.

In addition, try switching USB ports. If none of these actions resolve the problem, please call technical support at How many times can I use my cleaning and calibration sheets? Cleaning sheets may be reused until noticeably dirty, which may be many months in a standard office environment, or a much shorter period of time in a dusty industrial environment or when traveling frequently with your scanner.

Calibration sheets may be reused indefinitely until damaged or lost. You should always reboot your computer after final installation. Before scanning, you should first select the scanner source and then calibrate the unit.

What should I do if I get black or white lines on my scan? The first thing you should do is to recalibrate your scanner.

After that you should clean your scanner using the provided cleaning sheet by first spraying 3 sprays of a cleaning solvent on the cleaning sheet and then running the cleaning setting on your scanner. How do I uninstall my scanner? Go to your control panel STEP 2.

Reinsert your driver disk STEP 7. When it gives you the option to Modify, Repair or Remove, select Remove and follow the onscreen steps. This will completely remove the scanner from your computer. In most situations this is a user rights issue. Make sure that the user has both read and write access to create files in the location to which you are trying to save the scans. To determine if this is the cause of the error, change the destination of the scan to your desktop. If this change eliminates the error message then you will need to have an administrator adjust the destination folder settings so that the user has both read and write rights to that folder.

What should I do if there is one thick dark line and one thin dark line on my scan? This error is caused by inserting the calibration paper sideways.