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, Base Ramey Aguadilla, PR Dirección Postal: P.O. Box Aguadilla, PR Teléfonos: () Directo () Cuadro. Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas (DTOP) la transportación de personas, bienes y servicios de un modo seguro, rápido, sensible al ambiente . Todos; Ciudadano; Empresa; Gobierno Administración Sistema de Retiro – Servicios en Línea – Empleados . Pago de multas de tránsito de DTOP. Variable.

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When you need pe buy a new or used car, read these 2 links to learn how to avoid being ripped off by the dealers, and save thousands of dollars: The actions need to match the words, otherwise, they lose meaning. Maybe after enough people complain, they will fix it. Working together, we can make a better Puerto Rico. Here is the location list: If i have a suspended license in the states when i move down there can i still get one in pr?

Or do they see the suspension? With a license suspension in one state you should be listed on this national database. To check and see if you are listed on it there is a dtip you must complete and have your signature notarized, and then mail the completed form to the National Driver Register.

Forms that are not serviccios will not be processed by them. You then can find out if you are listed on the NDR. If they check the NDRegistry. I had a license in P.

How to renew your vehicle’s sticker or marbete

How can i get some info on it?? Greetings my name is Victor, I have a question. I am in need of a driver license and can someone please help me through the process and the place that I need to visit to obtain one?

I cannot speak Spanish and that I feel the major hurdle. Welcome to Puerto Rico! Look on the map above to find the location closest to you. Go there and ask to speak to someone who speaks English. They will direct you to someone who speaks English. It would be best if you go early in the day servicioe the entire process should take over an hour, depending on the lines.

Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works

The more documents you take, the better. After your visit, please let us know how it works out for you. Could you specify why you feel that way? Hundreds of visitors come to this site daily to see this specific page, to help them find the locations, hours, and phone of the DMV locations. Obviously there is high demand for this information as thousands of readers have found it to be useful, even if you claim to find it useless.


In that case, I agree this page might not be of much use. Unless you clarify, we cannot help you. One should not complain unless they have an alternative suggestion. Your comment is what is truly extremely useless and unhelpful.

Allow me to clarify then. All you do is list numbers anyone could get with a Google search, probably the same one that lead to this one but actually of the site itself. When people ask for more info, instead of helping them, you become passive aggressive and tell them to go figure it out themselves, even when they had valid questions.

How do you get your license renewed or your motor vehicle report are valid questions that you just threw back at the commenters faces and pretty much said: Thanks for helping to move the discussion forward. If I knew the answers to the questions, I would be glad to provide them. Hopefully someone who knows or the original posters after finding out will add to the knowledgebase.

How can we a U. We can obtain a signed document granting us permission from the driver, but our MVR vendor does not work with Puerto Rico. Even if your spanish is bad, Puerto Ricans will respect you for trying. Just a thought, maybe this is the reason americans are hated all around the world.

In the short term I disagree, and in the long term I agree that people should learn the dominant language. Your suggestion that someone who moves here should stay in a hotel is terrible advice.

Generally hotels are used for short-term visitors, not residents. My point remains that there are excessive government employees, some of which could be used to translate the documents into English. Furthermore, making it easier to do business or accomplish tasks will save everyone time. It remains true that it is far more difficult to get things done in PR compared to the states because of people who share your anti-progress type of mentality.

This is a drag on productivity, GDP, and quality of life. Your resistance to progress is off base and such a bad attitude holds PR back. This website helps hundreds of people every day who visit the site.

Her daughter was recently in the news accepting the praise for this concept. One of the reasons that I like the place, feels like I am somewhere else. But a double edged sword for both gringos and natives.

For them, now fleeing to the tune of about 1, per month or more, and growing, and many having to learn English for jobs, the kids for school. For us, even though I can get by, having to struggle at times in govt offices.

But, there are no government offices in my state that does not have a Spanish translation of anything that is required. Nor, credit card, utility, whatever, companies.


Both of those ideas have helped me a lot. The problems with PR are not limited to the language barrier. These cultural, systemic factors waste time, lower productivity, preventing Puerto Rico from advancing. However one feels about the issue, PR needs to see what is going on in the entire world. The various forms of Chinese is the largest spoken lingo in the world.

Just happens to be English. I travel Latin America a lot for decades. Surprising to me that PR, part of the US, is way behind countries with similar population sizes when it comes to English. Relative to the states, customer service in PR is horrible. Emails are usually ignored.

Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works – Wikipedia

Power and water outages are frequent, as are potholes in the roads. People move here from the states and get a PR license all the time.

After you go to the Vieques DMV, ask them for the correct phone number and report back so the correct one can be listed. As of earlyit is possible to do so as long as you do it between days prior to its ljst date. Furthermore, I think you cannot yet get the Real ID version. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter srevicios. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. The most useful site if you live or vacation in Puerto Rico. Making your life easier in Puerto Rico whether as a visitor, on vacation, on holiday, or a servickos. This entry was posted in DMV aka DTOP gkv, government officestransportation and tagged addressAguadillaapplicationapplyAreciboautoautomobileautosBarranquitasBayamonCaguascarCarolinacarscheckcontactcopiescopycostcostsdepartmentdepartment of motor vehiclesdeptdivisiondmvdocumentdocumentsdriverdriver’sdrivers licensedrivingdriving recordDTOPEnglishFajardofeefeesfinefinesGuayamahoursHumacaolicenselicense platelinelocationlocationsManatimanualMayaguezmotormotor liztmotor vehiclesnumberofficeononlineOpen srvicios, phonephone numberPoncePuerto RicanPuerto RicorecordrecordsregisterregistrationregistryrenewrenewalRio PiedrasRMVsuspendedsuspensiontagtelephonetickettickets servkcios, titletrucktrucksUtuadovehiclevehiclesViequeswebsite.

March 24, at March 27, at 9: Let us know what you end up doing and how it works out for you. August 31, at 5: July 12, at 6: November 9, at 6: January 3, at 1: January 21, at 7: January 20, at 3: January 21, at 6: March 10, at 8: I lost the title of my car, how can I get a new one Like Like.

March 10, at 9: After you contact them, return here to post to let others know how it worked out for you. April 5, at 5: This is a incredibly unhelpful and useless blog post. April 5, at 6: April 6, at 3: