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Zanoni has ratings and 25 reviews. Dfordoom said: The English novelist Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton (), is tod.. . Zanoni. Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our. See John Coates, “Zanoni by Bulwer-Lytton: A Discussion of Its . the latter part of his career, Edward Bulwer’s Zanoni () has enjoyed a.

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Another factor inBulwer’s rightward drift since his political work of the Reform decade is the influence of Carlylewhose The French Revolution and lectures on heroes and hero-worshipfirst published inoffered a more apocalyptic, more intensely spiritualized conception of recent social change and the redefinition of leadership than Bulwer himself, in his mildly Whiggish history of Athens published the same year as The French Revolutionhad acknowledged.

The mysteries of your Rosicrucians, and your fraternities, are mere child’s play to the jargon of the Platonists. In a spectrum of characters ranging from the pure idealist to the pure materialist, Mejnour stands in lonely solitude at the idealistic end.

Quotations are from William Godwin, St. This novel will undoubtedly give you much to think about in regards to love, being in love, falling in love, academia, intellectualism, spiritualism, religion, and politics, with such encyclopedic scope being another comparison to epic poets like Milton or psychological poets like Shakespeare.

Jim rated it liked it Jun 16, Credits Thanks to Professor Poston for sharing this essay, which first appeared in Studies in English Literature, 37pp. Bulwer’s analysis of power relationships, the tendency to use others as tools, also reflects some characteristic Godwinian concerns, as does his fascination with crime in the remote past of a present-day protagonist. The theme of madness, a concern for the psychic balance of individuals whose ill fortune, self-delusion, or manipulations by others has driven a wedge between them and society, is also present in much of Bulwer’s fiction, along with its counter theme, the need for companionship in a hostile and sometimes isolating environment.


In a footnote inserted at this point, however, Bulwer also echoes Godwin’s skepticism about the economics of alchemy: While Victor Frankenstein agonizes about his secret in private, and St. Glyndon, although spurred on in his mystic quest by having an alchemist as a distant ancestor, proves himself to be lacking in the qualities required of an initiate.

Zanoni: A Rosicrucian Tale

Like my first Goodreads. Zanoni loses his immortality by falling in love Behrendt Oxford and New York: She sees Zanoni as a culmination of the brief tradition she establishes; I would prefer to see it, not as merely Rosicrucian but as a characteristic Bulwerian exercise in mixed forms, whose most important bearings become clear in the light of the reawakened interest in the French Revolution characteristic of the s.

Its hero Zanoni, the master of mystic and prophetic arts, loves her for her youth, innocence and musical gifts, although his co-initiate Mejnour remains wedded to the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake – looking upon human love as a weakness rather than a strength. Wolfstein is frightened but unable to act on the dawnings of repentance: In the Introduction, the old bookshop in which Bulwer’s editor finds himself offers a transition from the quotidian world — the lanes in the neighborhood of Covent Gardenthe comically possessive proprietor who is himself edwardd believer in the occult — to the retreat of the old gentleman of Highgate, where the editor’s curiosity about the Rosicrucians ultimately leads him.

He is irremediably tainted because Faustian bargains, eward medical quackery parading as gulwer access to the spirit world, short-circuit not only theworkings of divine Providence but those of science itself.

Increasingly I am feeling that, like our own great H. This is a book that approaches the divine without the fetters of religion.

The narrative strategy shifts the issue from that of mere scientific naivete to the ethics of research, and realism of detail is deflected from the unstipulated stages of Victor’s work — which, we are asked on faith to assume, follow some sort of experimental pattern — to its gross and sickening outcome.

Return to Ublwer Page. First edition title page.

Zanoni – Wikipedia

Lots and Lots of exposition and little by way of dialogue, so it will not be the sort of book that modern genre readers will, most likely, enjoy. For “though the elixir be compounded of the simplest herbs, his frame only is prepared to bklwer it who has gone through the subtlest trials,” while those znaoni are unprepared may die of horror IV: As Zanoni sternly puts it to the young Englishman, the neophyte must deny the love of woman, avarice or ambition, even “the dreams.


Bulaer was in Egypt when Antony’s fleet set sail for Actium. On the death of the old man he bequeaths to the narrator a manuscript in cipher that turns out to be the text of the novel “Zanoni”. To observe the actual results of these phenomena, and the crimes and cruelties they have caused imaginary us to commit, is one of the most instructive studies in which we can possibly be engaged.

Zanoni, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The local priest, who condemns her involvement with a man who practices the occult arts, disastrously influences her. One good astrological sign of this involvement of Asbolus is the following pattern in Bulwer-Lytton’s life between Zicci and Zanoni: In he published a version of a dream in a novella called Zicci in William Harrison Ainsworth’s magazine, the Monthly Chronicle.

An English gentleman named Glyndon loves Viola as well, but is indecisive about proposing marriage, and then renounces his love in order to pursue occult study. They do however acknowledge the Rosicrucians as being on the right track.

To see just what Bulwer was effectively renouncing, I will treat briefly a variety of relevant texts from the Godwin-Shelley circle and suggest their relevance to Zanonithen turn to that novel as a reflection of the complicated mixture of deference to and difference from Godwin that Bulwer increasingly felt as he embarked on his own political and religious transitions. Open Preview See a Problem?