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Eircom is the principal provider of landline services in Ireland. Country code: + Eircom Phonebook Online. People listings for Ireland – search for surname. Eircom Phonebook Online White pages listings for the Irish Republic: use the select buttons to choose business search or. Eircom Phonebook Online is Ireland’s telephone lookup website and they also have maps of Ireland.

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Customers have choice on Eircom phonebook

To find a phone number in Irelandfirst decide whether the number is in Eire the Irish Republic or Northern Irelandas the phone books and dialling codes are different. The Ireland Eire telephone country code isbut Northern Phhonebook is regarded as part of phoneboko UK, so its phone country code is 44 with an area code of From the Irish Republic you can iercom for Northern Ireland landline access may also be dialed as an international call to the UK using Eircom Phonebook Online http: Then hit the Find button.


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All I wanted was to find a cell phone number in Dublin and it does not give the opportunity to search. I gave up after 20 minutes trying to find a landline number in Clontarf Dublin.


Its in their directory but somehow I hit a brickwall here. Sorry you had difficulty, Gary. Sometimes it just seems finding a name you know exists in these directories is a pain.

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Find an Ireland Phone Number or Code

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