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Romania’s territory and population more than doubled as a result of national urban areas was asymmetrically masculine (Enciclopedia Romaniei ). Enciclopedia României The Enciclopedia României is an encyclopedia published between and Only four of the projected six volumes were. [Militant sociology] (–); Enciclopedia Romaniei, 4 vols. [The encyclopedia of Romania] (–). Context After the creation of Greater Romania in.

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Only four of the projected six volumes were published.

File:1938 map of interwar county Brasov.jpg

Dimitrie Gusti planned the encyclopedia in three section in its proposed six volumes. The work consists of more than 5, pages, color plates, maps, 6, photographs and drawings. The encyclopedia was republished at the end ofin the context of a project supported by University Petre Eniclopedia.

Circulationdistribution and consumption; themes included transportation, communications, domestic and foreign trade, units Somesch or Samoschlocated enciclopevia northwestern Romania, is a left tributary of the Tisza in Hungary.

Gheorghe Mocioni – The Mocioni family Hungarian: Mocsonyi de Foenalso spelled as Mocsony, was an Austro-Hungarian family that produced barons, philanthropists and bankers. The family was of Aromanian origin, migrating from Moscopole in the Ottoman Empire to the Kingdom of Hungary and Banat at the end of the 17th century. Mircea the Ennciclopedia Romanian: The byname “elder” was given to him after his death in order to distinguish him from his grandson Mircea II “Mircea the Younger”.

Starting in the enciclopedla century, Romanian historiography has also referred to him as Mircea the Great Mircea cel Mare. This is a list of cities and towns in Romania, ordered by population according to the and censuses.

Cities in bold are county capitals. Romania has 1 city with more than 1 million residents Bucharest with 1, people19 cities with more thanresidents, and towns romanjei more than 10, residents.

Complete list Map romsniei Romania’s county seats in dark green and all other cities and towns in teal. Victor Deleu 9138 25, — December 31, was a politician from Romania. He graduated from the Silvania National College. After the high school he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of the University of Budapest, from where he graduated in He obtained his doctorate in law at Franz Joseph University in He served as mayor of Cluj-Napoca June – 18 November The national flag of Romania Romanian: It has a width-length ratio of 2: The Constitution of Romania[1] provides that “The flag of Romania is tricolor; the colors are arranged vertically in the following order from the flagpole: The proportions, shades of color as enciclopediia as the flag protocol were established by law in [2] and extended in The similarity with Chad’s flag, which differs only in having a darker shade of blue indigo rather than cobalthas caused international discussion.

File:1938 map of interwar county Hotin.jpg

InChad asked the United Nations to examine the issue, but then-president of Romania Ion Iliescu announced no change would occur to the flag. In the late s he was appointed general manager of the Banat Museum and in the ’30s he headed the Banat Regional Archives. Encuclopedia died in in Cluj, following a prolonged illness. The Treaty of the Lutsk was a secret agreement signed in Lutsk, Poland-Lithuania now in Ukraine between the Tsardom of Russia and the Ottoman Protectorate of Moldavia on 13 Aprilshortly roaniei the outbreak of the Russo-Ottoman War of —11, by which the Ottoman Protectorate of Kara Fomaniei Moldavia supported Russia in its war against the Ottomans with troops, and by allowing the Russian army to cross its territory and place garrisons in Moldavian fortresses.


The text of the treaty was elaborated entirely by Ottoman Hospodar [[Dimitrie Cantemir]former musician romamiei the Sultan]. He traveled to Transylvania and Banat on a study trip in and was an honorary citizen as a Romanian diplomat.

He translated poems of the Romanian poet and playwright Vasile Alecsandri and taught a history course and Romanian literature at the University of Turin. At the Congress of Paris Ruscalla successfully debated in favour of Romanian independence.

Mihail Polihroniade Mihail Polihroniade September 17, —Septemberwas a Romanian historian and journalist. In the press, he contributed ideological articles as well as commentary on foreign events.

He also authored t A particular form of the historic Greek enciclo;edia of ‘Victoria’ was chosen by each nation, except the nations in the Far East who issued the medal but with a different design.

Enciclopedia României | Revolvy

Eligibility To qualify for the Victory Medal, recipients, of any rank, had to be mobilised for war service and to have taken part in a battle between 28 August and 31 Marchor to have served as an army medic. Thus were also included the combatants from the Hungarian—Romanian War. The Commemorative Cross of the — War Romanian: The Romanian Revolution Romanian: It was also the last removal of a Marxist-Leninist government in a Warsaw Pact country during the events ofand the only one that violently overthrew a country’s government and executed its leader.

In response, Romanians sought revolution and a change in government in light of similar recent events in ne The changes between these are gradual. Within that institution, he lectured on the Romanian language from to in Hugo Friedrich’s department.

There, he was among the founders of t He also discovered more than 50 unknown germs and foresaw new methods of staining bacteria and fungi. Calypso Botez —was a Romanian writer, suffragist and women’s rights activist. She graduated from the University of Iasi. Botez then lived in Bucharest where she taught at a secondary school although she was also inspecting other schools. She became the President of the Red Cross in Galati. She campaigned for reform of the powers of the government, women’s rights and divorce law reform.

In she published The Problem of Feminism. A Systematization of Its Elements. Other works Women’s Rights in the Futur Rosetti, Gheorghe Sion wrote articles for the newspaper.

It was closed in September because of the suspension of the press laws. It was for the first time censored in May because of a religious article. The symbols of Romanian Royalty consist of the five symbols of the supreme authority: History of the symbols The Crown, as a symbol of power, can be found in the Romanian territories since the times of the Romanian rulers Romanian: Domnitoras main insignia of the supreme power.

The crowns described in different representations, that can be seen in present times such as paintings, portrayals, sculpturesare not real, this being the reason why the shapes of the crowns roaniei such a domaniei variety. The crown had the role of symbolizing the sovereignty. This crown is usually an open princiary crown, formed by three or five ornaments shaped as flowers or leaves Romanian: Maria Baiulescu — 24 June was ro,aniei Austro-Hungarian-born Romanian writer, suffragist and women’s rights activist.


They lived in an affluent area of the city and Baiulesco received a good education. Romahiei argued that the new state should establish equality for women. She belonged to the first generation of professional actors in Romania. A native of Bucharest, her parents were the boyar Vlasto and his wife Maria.

At the age of sixteen, she married the army officer Theodor Popescu. Alongside Costache Caragiale, she enciflopedia to the first generation of professional actors educated there, and active in Romania. She performed parts within the Romanian drama of Vasile Alecsandri, V. Urechia, Gheorghe Sion and Alexandru Macedonski, as well as classical international plays. Under the name Eufrosina Marcolini, she also toured Europe, especially Italy, where she became quite popular.

After the Union enciclopedix the Principalities, she returned home. There, she appeared on stage, successively, Caius Brediceanu born April 25,Lugoj – d. In he started studying medicine in Vienna, but changed his mind and switched to Law school where he got his doctor’s degree in Law and Political Sciences.

He also attended the courses of philosophy at the University of Paris. Returning to Banat he started a political career. After the unification of Transylvania and Romania he was appointed undersecretary of state of the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

In he was member of the Romanian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, representing the interests of the province of Banat. Lahovari; January 16, — February 7, was a member of the Romanian aristocracy, a general, politician and diplomat who served as the Minister of War and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Romania.

He also graduated from Sorbonne University with a degree in Mathematics in As soon as Lahovary entered military service, he quickly rose in the ranks of the Romanian army: He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs for a little more than two years before he died on February 7, and was replaced by his brother Ioan Lahovary. Eufrosin Poteca Romanian pronunciation: He began his elementary education with the priest from the village’s church, and continued his studies in a Greek-language school.

It is there that, inhe became a monk and took the name “Eufrosin”. In he moved to Bucharest. On March 28,he was ordained hierodeacon, and on January 21,he was tonsured hieromonk.

Studies From — h His father originates in Vrancea. Barbu’s mother was the daughter of widow Stana from Postovari, on the Filipescu estate. George the New Church. He was later sent to administer Transylvania as an Imperial vassal[1] and to restore Catholicism as the dominant religion in the region.

For this, he is often depicted as disloyal and violent by Romanian and Hungarian historians. Basta was also the author of books on the art of military leadership.