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Entgeltordnung TV-L on Auflage edition; Language: German; ISBN ; ISBN ; Product Dimensions. : TVöD – TV-L: Tarifverträge f|r den öffentlichen Dienst (German Edition) (): Ernst Burger: Books. Mit Tarif-Reform In der Entgeltrunde zum TV-L wird für rund Tarifbeschäftigte des können, steht weiterhin auf der Agenda: Die Weiterentwicklung der Entgeltordnung.

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Started by orkowiz1 Apr Posted 1 Apr However, I am curious about something that I couldn’t figure out by searching tv-p the forum. Do the TVL salary amounts mean minimum values? At first look it seems strange, but EU projects like FP7 projects are more flexible and have bigger budgets.

If it is so, do you know some formal document and part of entgeltorcnung which explains this meaning of salary amounts I mean an explanation like the salaries show minimum values to be paid. Related to this if I switch to TVL14 my stuffe calculation should still be same and consider my research experience starting from my phd, right?

Posted 4 Apr netgeltordnung I’ve seen places that decouple task and payment, in particular for part-time positions; i. Especially in formal institutions they’re treading a thin line there though. E13 thru E15 have the same minimum requirements regarding the applicant Master or equivalent degree.

Entgeltordnung tv l 2012 movie

The salary group – formally – is not dependent on the applicant but on the task. The salary level within the group i. E13 employees tasked with complicated research in a responsible position ie. Kato, thanks for this clarification – I’m currently dealing tv-ll as well. I’m still gathering all of my documents to prove my work experience so a Stufe can be assigned the position is E Any idea what Stufe 13 yrs experience gives 9 post-grad, plus 4 during the PhD – which I can prove enntgeltordnung “real” employment?

Stufe 3 would be the default for that experience, provided the past experience was not with the same employer. If it was with entbeltordnung same employer it’d be Stufe 5. If your employment would cover a quantitive or qualitive lack of applicants for your employer they can go higher by maximum two Stufen, in your case i.

In universities and comparable public institutions this process has to be approved at the Rektorat level. Hmm, I thought the level stufe calculations are based on the total number of years of experience starting from the Phd for TV-L positions. Is it the case that years of experience should be consecutive with one entgelotrdnung


This can be problematic in case of occupations with high turn-over rate. Let’s say one has 10 years of total experience but entgeltornung 5 different employers each lasts 2 years.

Will this amount entgeptordnung class 2? It’s not approximately, it is exactly Depending on your tax class, the net amount will differ. The budget of the project has nothing to do with the salary, which is fixed and depends only on the group as was explained above.

Entgelyordnung is flexible is the amount of bonuses which you can get for the outstanding results. This depends on your project, if it allows higher payments, than part of it can be paid as bonus but this should be approved by your boss. The experience only counts “in full” if it’s with the same employer that is hiring you. If you have had multiple different employers they all simply count as 20122 and are lumped together. By the way, kato, do you know if 6-years limit of being a post-doc is also applied to those who got their PhD abroad?

Or, they can use 12 year limit? This issue actually bothers me. Do you mean 6 year limit in terms of pay scale or in terms of allowed to be a postdoc? There are certainly people in my department who have been doing post-docs for more than 20 years.

Maybe it’s not specifically called “post doc” but they always get some sort of temporary contract and have to renew it every few years. I find it somewhat disconcerting. Frankly I’d rather be a waitress than do a postdoc for that long. The limit for being a postdoc. It used to be 6 years, but it should have changed.

Nobody knows exactly about this in our department. Are you in the Uni or Forschungszentrum?

Do the TVL salary amounts mean minimum values? – Finance – Toytown Germany

Because for university employees this is impossible. The law meant to protect us and force unis to give us permanent position. But the reality is different, and people end up in looking for job abroad. Entgeltordnunt in the uni.

If you want, I can ask my colleagues and try to find out how they did it. I hope they don’t get offended lol. I think there are loopholes in the law, because it is definitely possible. For example, if you win funding from an external agency, the rules might be different? Does the 6 year limit only apply if you stay in the same institution? Anyway, we have one girl who is late 30s, who has been in the department since at least her phd in the 90s. Another guy is 56 and still a postdoc Posted 5 Apr The Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz stipulates 12 years from the beginning of your PhD thesis, with the entgeltordnunv awarded maximum six years.


Ach so, I was looking for the different law Hochschulrahmengesetz. If I understood this correctly:. So, if I completed PhD in 3 years, I have 6 years for postdoc, not 9 years. Satz 1 refers to employment before doctorate. Through Drittmittelfinanzierung it can be modified to be valid until the end of a sponsoring. I’d heard something about the 6 year rule, but I didn’t know how it would apply for foreigners. I started my PhD in ’99, graduated in ’03, and have had 9 more years experience 2 postdocs and a 1 yr “real job” contract in North America since then.

I’ve now been offered a short-term position at a Tg-l here, the prof has money left on a project until Dec. I wonder if the Human resources people will kick up a fuss at me being hired for this position. The prof wasn’t advertising the job, I just got in contact with him, and he had this available.

I wonder if we’ll have to or can give the position a different name in order to bypass any potential problems? My German is poor, but what I understood is that jobs abroad are entgeltordung counted, as well as non-academic jobs in Germany.

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