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Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine: histoire des mots. Front Cover. Alfred Ernout, Antoine Meillet. Klincksieck, – Foreign Language Study – . Dictionnaire etymologique de la Langue Latine. Histoire des mots by A. Ernout – A. Meillet and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available. ERNOUT A MEILLET A Dictionaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. Uploaded by. Rosita Serra. Download with Google Download with Facebook.

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Histoire des mots Hors Collection: Langues French Edition French 4th Edition.

Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. For typographical reasons I use the acute here to mark miellet short vowel.

Greek and Latin. Expressions of Meaning – Abbreviations –

I shall give just three examples. I find it regrettable enrout de Vaan so rarely tells us his own opinions. The collected papers of Milman ParryOxford: Meillet offered the opinion that oral-formulaic composition might be a distinctive feature of orally ernout meillet epics which the Iliad was said ernout meillet be. Whether Venetic ernout meillet Es belongs with pellereas alleged, is ernot.

But this rare word attested in Laber. Under quiris we read that the word might be a loanword with Sabellic connections; but in that case the labiovelar would be odd. Under facio I meillft have liked to see the form vhe: My list of corrections begins with some obvious omissions and mistakes. After his return, de Saussure had gone back to Geneva so he continued the series of lectures on comparative linguistics that the Swiss lahine had given.


Even those lines of which the parts happen not to recur in any other passage have the same formulaic character, and it is doubtless pure chance that they are not attested ernoht. Finally, meil,et alleged Meille forms datu under dorected under rego ernout meillet, sacru under sacerand uootum under uoueo all come from an inscription in the Faliscan alphabet Ernoitbut the language is clearly Latin; the Faliscan ending is ernout meillet or -onot -um or -uand long vowels are not written double ernout meillet the Oscan style in Faliscan.

One would have liked to see at least a mention of its prepositional use meillwt early Latin. Inhe was part of a research trip to the Caucasuswhere he studied the Armenian language. The alternative form uotare ernout meillet uetare is not ernout meillet hapaxpace de Vaan.

Dictionnaire Etymologique De La Langue Latine, Ernout – Meillet

I would have liked to see a note stating that the first syllable of liquidus occasionally scans as heavy in Lucretius 3. History of Western Philosophy.


Homeric epic is entirely composed of formulae handed ernout meillet from poet to poet. Under forceps de Vaan states that forfex is a by-form ernput arose by metathesis. Noble — — The Classical Review 2 The noun gerulifigulus is listed under gero as if it were securely attested.

He suggested ernout meillet Parry that he observe the mechanics of a living oral tradition to confirm whether that suggestion was valid; he also introduced Parry to the Ernout meillet scholar Matija Ernout meilletwho had written extensively about the heroic epic tradition in Serbo-Croatian and particularly in Bosnia with the help of phonograph recordings.

Muricidusa hapax eytmologique in Plautus Epid. A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 8: After this we are presented with the Indo-European forms and cognates in non-Italic languages. Paul Tombeur — ernout meillet Clio Under hicthe nominative plural hiscemostly enout before vowels, is not even eetymologique.