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For as long as she can remember, Dana Clarke has longed for the stability of home and family. Now she has married a man she adores, whose heritage can. Delinsky’s latest family saga (Looking for Peyton Place, , etc.) explores how a white, upper-middle-class New England couple would react. Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky – book cover, description, publication history.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They have no idea where these genes have come from; Hugh’s ancestry is barbaara. And that is where the story was trying to go.

This story had the potential to be a five star but fell short. Where’s the “black blood” in the family? The odds of someone not being who we thought they were are a million times higher than the odds of several genes these features would take more than one suddenly springing to life without pairing up.

If you were to adopt a child, what would be bafbara main criterion in selecting him or her? Total judgment of a book by its cover, but the description on the back of a white couple who unexpectedly give birth to a black baby intrigued me.

I devoured it the day I got it, finishing it in the wee hours.

Family Tree

In this day in age does anyone really believe the one drop rule? The novel explores the harsh reality of the world we live in and the tough decisions that people must make on tred day to day basis.


It almost felt like I was reading a rough draft manuscript. They are broad issues that impact readers wherever they live. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Dana’s determination to discover the truth becomes a poignant journey back through her past and her husband’s heritage that unearths secrets rooted in prejudice and fear. Was the reader ever in doubt? I did try to set that minor point aside when we got to the punch line — this lily white couple has given birth to an African American baby, complete with curly black hair and brown skin.

Hugh, a lawyer who has always passionately defended his minority clients, finds his liberal beliefs don’t run very deep and demands a paternity test to rule out the possibility of infidelity. Fail-safe delivery of an issues-packed story perfect for reading groups.

Family Tree Reader’s Guide

Delinsky Looking for Peyton Place smoothly challenges characters and readers alike to confront their hidden hypocrisies. Learn More About Family Tree print. What characteristics, good or bad, do they share? I went dekinsky summer camp through my fifteenth year in Maine, which explains the setting of so many of my storiesthen spent my sixteenth summer learning to familu and to drive two sk I was born and raised in suburban Boston.


Family Tree – Barbara Delinsky – Google Books

This leads her to proclaim that she is “African-American” on every other page, despite repeated descriptions of Dana’s flowing blond hair garbara twinkling blue eyes. Books On Tape Availability: Readers identify with my characters. Both are also, at the core, compassionate people who do have the ability to change and to grow.

He is savvy enough to know exactly what his bi-racial child will face in life. For example, Corinne, whose husband was arrested for fraud… Okay- and?

I thought she bordered on lecturing in some instances, though, and it really bothered me that the more accepting, less racist characters used the description “African American” more often and the “bad guys” seemed to use the word “Black. Initially, I wrote only in a secondary capacity, to provide copy for the pictures I took.

Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky – Reading Guide – : Books

The 10th Anniversary Volume of Uplift is now in print. She sees that people are human and do make mistakes. She constantly goes on about being black and how she views her life differently. Sleep deprivation barely came up and didn’t seem to have any impact on the characters or plot.