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Fernando Sor (). Seguidillas Boleras: Yo no se lo que tiene. Original if you have problems with the payment and download, please send an email to. Pleasant and colourful music. Sor was not just a composer for the solo guitar. Fernando Sor is most familiar to us a composer for. Sor’s songs in Spanish in the seguidillas boleras form are a very special contribution to Spanish musical culture. They were composed within that great age of.

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Fernando Sor was one of the greatest masters of the early classical guitar and his oeuvre stands as a monument to an original and fastidious, if modest, genius.

Sor: Seguidillas Boleras / Diaz-latorre, Laberint – Zig Zag: ZZT | Buy from ArkivMusic

His instrumental works are well known; less so is his output for voice with guitar or piano accompaniment. Written for one, two or three voices and guitar as performed here or piano accompaniment, they feature bolero rhythms and two-stanza poems, some of which are very naughty indeed.


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Skip to main content. Sor Seguidillas Bolreas Naughty but nice — spicy fare such as this should be sampled carefully View record and artist details Record and Artist Details. Joseph Fernando Macari Sor. Composition Artist Credits Seguidillas, Cesa de atormentarme. Joseph Fernando Macari Sor Composer.

Seguidillas, Mucha tierra he corrido. Seguidillas, Las mujeres y cuerdas.

Six seguidillas boleras : for voice and guitar

Seguidillas, El que quisiera amando. Introduction and Variations on a theme by Mozart. Seguidillas, Que costoso es el logro.

Seguidillas, Me pregunta un amigo. Seguidillas, Lo que no quieras darme. Seguidillas, Mis descuidados ojos. Seguidillas, Sin duda que tus ojos.

Fantasia, ‘ Les deux amis’. Seguidillas, Cuantos naves han visto. Seguidillas, Si dices que mis ojos.

Seguidillas, Puede una buena moza. Seguidillas, Aquellos ojos verdes. Sor Seguidillas Boleras Seguidillas, Cesa de atormentarme. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.


Six seguidillas boleras for voice and guitar

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Seguidillas, Cesa de atormentarme.