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The Fluke Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) , is designed to be a secondary standard interpolating instrument converting temperature to resistance . Order online the Fluke Calibration A Probe,Secondary PRT,ohm 1/4 “x12” from Transcat. Free Shipping when you spend $+. Order Fluke Calibration P on sale from Transcat’s Calibration PRT Probes series. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!.

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With multiple sheath length options on both of these probes, you can find the dimensions that are just right for your specific application. The comes with a one-eighth inch 3. The comes with a one-quarter inch 6.

Fluke Calibration A Probe,Secondary PRT,ohm 1/4″x12″ | Transcat

When looking for improved response time and reduced stem effect in shallow immersion, look for small diameter probes, because the measurement error called stem effect is caused by the diameter of the stem rather than the length of the stem.


The sensors for these flukd are reference-grade platinum and feature four-wire connections with less noisy measurements than two-wire counterparts.

As standard, each probe includes its resistance value at the triple point of water. If calibration is desired, you can order a NVLAP-accredited calibration from our laboratory; lab code Please see fluk uncertainty table and its explanation of changeable uncertainties.

5608, 5609 Secondary Reference PRTs with Calibration Options

Calibration will add additional uncertainties. For best performance, transition junction should not be too hot to touch.

Calibration uncertainties depend on the uncertainties of the lab performing the calibration. Subsequent calibrations of this probe performed with different processes, at different facilities, or with changed uncertainty statements may state different uncertainties.

Fluke Calibration Secondary PRT Probe | Instrumentation

See recommended calibration options below. Contact your Fluke Calibration representative for additional calibration options. Register Log in Contact Us.

What every instrument technician should know 1. We’d like your feedback. Probe Carrying Case, Plastic for probes mm [25 in] in length. Establishment of a Secondary Temperature Calibration Laboratory 3.


Temperature measurement and calibration: Temperaturmessung und -kalibrierung German Why Use a Triple Point of Water? Does Immersion Depth Really Matter? Fixed Fluuke for Secondary Level Calibrations