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Fluke Calibration produces the broadest range of electrical, RF, temperature, pressure & flow , , Technical Guide Supplement ( KB). Order Fluke Calibration E on sale from Transcat’s series. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!. Order Fluke Calibration A on sale from Transcat’s series. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!.

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It offers accuracy, portability, and speed for fluks every field calibration application. The instrument has been designed with the field user in mind and is easy to use while maintaining stability, uniformity, and accuracy comparable to some laboratory instruments.

, , Technical Guide

The exclusive Voltage Compensation allows the technician to plug into mains power without degradation to the instrument. The Ambient Temperature Compensation provides a large operating range, with an equally large, guaranteed temperature range.

The Gradient Temperature Compensation keeps the axial gradient within specification over the entire temperature range of the DW-P and over the specified guaranteed operating temperature range. These combined features, along with the rugged design, light weight, and small size make this instrument ideal for field applications.


9142, 9143, 9144 Users Guide Manual

The Fluke Calibration DW-P has a unique Air 91433 Design that keeps the probe handle cool, while protecting delicate instruments, as well as the user.

The DW-P “Process” version combines the heat source with a built-in readout, eliminating the need for the technician to take two instruments into the field. The readout is perfect for transmitter loop, comparison calibration, or a simple check of a thermocouple sensor.

There is no need to carry additional tools into the field with the DW-P’s built-in readout for resistance, voltage, and mA measurement, 24V loop power, and on-board documentation. The convenient and smart reference connector automatically transfers fluie stores the probe coefficients. The Fluke Calibration DW-P controller uses a PRT sensor and thermoelectric modules or heaters to achieve stable, uniform temperatures throughout the block.

The LCD display continuously shows many useful operating parameters, including the block temperature, the current set-point, block stability, and heating and cooling status. For the Process version, the reference temperature and secondary input type UUT readings are displayed.


The display can be set to show the information in one of eight different languages: The Fluke Calibration DW-P’s rugged design flkue special features make it ideal for the field or the laboratory. With proper use, this instrument provides continued accurate calibration of temperature sensors and devices. Before use, the user should be familiar with the calibrator’s warnings, cautions, and operating procedures as they are described in the User Manual.

View Cart My Account Fluke Lfuke Model No: Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Wells: Built in Reference Thermometer Readout. Ready to Measure in Five Minutes. Speed and Confidence at the Job Site.

Fluke , Fluke , Fluke Field Metrology Wells

Two High Performance Versions. Data Sheet KB. Holes for Model