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Careers and jobs available at Footaction, updated for Application, salary information, what Footaction pays per hour, hiring and age requirements, and. Footaction application. Footaction hiring information: discover job openings at shoe stores and apply online to begin a new career immediately. Footaction is a retailer leading in athletic footwear. The company caters youngsters and is present all across the nation. It has more than three hundred retail.

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A subsidiary of Manhattan-based retailer Foot Locker, Inc. Its online release calendar is the ultimate source for the freshest kicks by Nike, Adidas, Puma and Jordan. The specialty retailer was later acquired by Melville Corporation in and by Foot Locker in Since then, it has expanded to roughly stores in the U. S and in Puerto Rico.

Footaction Job Application

Management and store employees enjoy competitive salaries appljcation perks including k plan, health and life insurance coverage, and disability benefits. Communication is strongly encouraged within the organization. The management has been described as forthright in relaying to employees its standards, expectations and industry challenges.

Footaction has been recognized by Forbes and Fortune for its outstanding human resource practices. The minimum age requirement for sales associates and other in-store employees is 16 years old. Would-be managers are expected to have more work experience upon application.

Footaction Job Application – Adobe PDF – Apply Online

The company needs employees who can relate to its target customers and who believe in the value of its products. Candidates must have great work ethic and collaborate well with the rest of the team.

Here apllication some of the job opportunities. Retirement Specialists make sure that qualified employees receive their retirement benefits including pension, kstock purchase plan, and executive plans. These specialists receive instructions from the Director of the Retirements Plan and work closely with benefit vendors.


They are expected to prepare reports, oversee the filing of relevant documents, and make recommendations for process improvement. Quality Control Auditors monitor garments as they arrive and get shipped. Their job is to ensure that every product sold is up to standard.

They also facilitate replacement requests and collect spoilage.

It is the responsibility applicatlon Quality Control Auditors to prepare shipment reports for the QC supervisor. Their role is to make sure that the website accurately reflects available merchandise. To be able footactino make recommendations on how to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates, they are give access to site metrics.

Assistant Managers provide invaluable support for the Store Manager, and help guide the rest of the team. Store Managers are responsible for the operational, financial and customer service performance of one location.

Footaction Job Application – Printable Employment PDF Forms

They are involved in all the processes including merchandising, store fooaction and upkeep, customer care, sales and accounting. They also undertake recruitment, training and coaching.

Sales associates drive in-store sales by selling, upselling and building rapport with all the shoppers walking in. The most effective sales associates fully appreciate the value of every product in display and possess excellent product fform. They also help to ensure outstanding customer experience.

Graphic designers create compelling artwork to sell athletic apparel and footwear. They are expected to come up with the freshest designs which may be used online or in print. Proofreading and Copywriting Supervisor: The Proofreading and Copywriting Supervisors review all customer-facing copies. Their role is to ensure that marketing and web content is up to standard in terms of grammar, clarity and format.

They also see that the company has not broken ethical guidelines in the process of publication.


Talent acquisition recruiters help fills those gaps in the organization by looking for potential employees. They understand what the company is looking for and have an eye for talents who would be a good fit. They are also involved in shortlisting candidates being scheduled for interview. They see that all employees are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to perform their duties.


Training Operations Specialists also orient new employees on company policies, values and goals. The stores are frequently hiring so the process is pretty straightforward and laid back. The recruitment manager will need the filled-out application form, resume, and relevant work permits.

The requirements may be turned in at the store or uploaded online.

They are also expected to answer basic assessment questions. It would also be good to highlight any inclination towards sports because the company is in the hunt for employees, who are into athletic apparel and footwear. The best interview tip for working in retail is foorm relax and be positive. The company needs hard working individuals who love talking to people and who might be great at upselling.

The management lays down clear expectations from its employees.

It is also in the truest sense an equal opportunities employer. The company has been consistently recognized rootaction one of the best places to work in New York, and in retail.

It has gained a solid reputation for hiring applicarion. Footaction has launched some of the most anticipated designs from Nike, Puma, Jordan and Adidas. Endorsed by Tyga, Gucci Mane, and Mac Miller, this specialty retailer has a strong following among young active males.

Its parent company also formed the Footlocker Foundation which helps underprivileged athletes and kids get scholarships. Contents 1 How old do you have to be to work at Footaction?