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Help: again [VBG] the Franka-werk Solida III has three models as near as I can figure but have not been able to infomation as to how to tell. Solid, compact and simply fun folder that takes 6×6 pictures on rollfilm, made by Franka Kamera Werk in the Bavaria region of Germany. Franka Solida. Instruction manuals for Franka New window · Messages in the forum about .. Franka Solida II Ennagon ,5/7,5 cm / 6x6cm Service TOP. EUR 47,

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File:Franka Solida III folding camera with Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar 80mm F2.9 lens.jpg

Sunday, November 21, Franka Solida. I love medium format folding cameras.

They allow me to always carry a medium format lii my pocket. The Franka Solida range is amazing in manufacture quality, reliability and as practical shooters.

They were manufactured around They all use film fraka me twelve exposures per roll of film. The Solida I is the least sophisticated of the three I own.

Franka Solida III

It lacks range finder, that’s why this one came with a Watameter, when I bought it. I bought it from an English gentleman, who told me that this camera was his seventeenth birthday present, from his brother, who was stationed in Germany at that time.


The lens is a Frankar – Anastigmat 75mm, 1: Even being the cranka sophisticated is a sharp shooter, as you can see in the following pictures: The Solida IIE, is a more sophisticated model, with a built-in, uncoupled, range finder, a better lens and shutter.

In the picture above you can see the distance indication of the range finder, the red dot warning that the film is advanced and the camera ready to shoot, the shutter release and the advance knob, that includes a film reminder.

This was one of the first folding cameras I bought. The range finder was non-operational. I send it to repair, it was a loose mirror. Later when I gained more confidence in my mechanical skills I made a complete CLA to the range finder, that was quite misaligned vertically.

Instruction manual covers

On this one the lens ioi an Ennagon 75mm, 1: I have an anecdote about this camera: The other folding cameras I had, when I bought this one, in order to fold I had only to force down the struts. When this one arrived I opened it and was incapable of closing it. I turned it upside down, looked everywhere but to no avail.

I handed it to my wife, not telling her about my difficulties, and asked her to close it. What she did, to my complete surprise, immediately. fdanka


John Margetts’ old camera blog.: Franka Solida III camera

It was a good laugh afterwards. Once again this is a sharp shooter: I bought this one with the franja case and a set of filters, in a leather case also. On the Synchro-Compur the little conical button on top of the lens is the self-timer.

Cock the shutter, then pull back the button and push the cocking lever some more, about 5mm. This sets the self-timer.

The built-in range finder is uncoupled, it has double exposure prevention and a film reminder on the film advance knob. One distinguishable feature in this camera is that the bellows bed swings to the right, while in the other models it drops to the front.

This lens is a beauty and what can I say? These folders are among my most cherished cameras. Edit – For a very comprehensive information about these and other Franka Models visit: The Fellsphoto Vintage Gallery. Newer Post Older Post Home.