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MARK-V FTMP Operating Manual. Congratulations on the purchase of your Yaesu amateur transceiver! Whether this is your first rig, or if. Yaesu equipment. View and Download Yaesu FTMP operating manual online. Yaesu FT- MP Amateur transceiver. FTMP Transceiver pdf manual download. View and Download Yaesu Mark-V FTMP operating manual online. HF TRANSCEIVER. Mark-V FTMP Transceiver pdf manual download.

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CAT jack to the serial port of your computer, This chapter describes each control and connector without the need for any external converter box. Lcd Bargraph Meter Indications This indicates that dual-receive operation is acti- vated.

See menu selection to set the default steps as desired. For flexibility in con- between the two tuning figuring these capabilities, and to keep the front panel knobs to select a band for Most of these duplicate menu programming set Availability of accessories may vary: In this case, refer to the technical docu- The rate and distance of segment displacement in either mode are proportional to the selected tuning step size and depend on whether amnual not the [ FAST ] button is engaged.

Shift Control Hz steps.

Noise Blanker Other filters can be ordered in combination to eliminate or reduce the interference from your Yaesu dealer. This 9-pin serial DB-9 jack allows external computer only during transmission.


Yaesu Mark-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual

Page 80 50 char- save the new setting and exit. If disabled, scanning will not stop for any ac- tivity.

For example, a binary value of 3E6FH or 15, multiplied by 0. IF bandwidths as well as modes for the two halves and even different Clarifier settings. Expanded Tuning Scale The rate and distance of segment displacement in either mode are proportional to the selected tuning step size and depend on whether or not the [ FAST ] button is engaged.

Am Transmission Tuning is very critical for F1 packet: Electrical Shock Prevention RF exposure danger and the ground system in the event of an electrical storm. Available Options Availability of accessories may vary: Although their use requires little ered on page and filter menu selections through more than rotating a control, it is good to have knowl- on pages and Switching to Class A yields an ultra-linear transmitted signal, with Specifications 80 dB or better Main50 dB or better Sub 2.

All require that you ter in any voice mode merely by speaking into the mi- have a CW key or keyer paddles connected to either crophone, without having to press the PTT switch. Page 37 This 2-contact output jack provides mixed receiver audio for an external loudspeaker, such as the SP Edsp Noise Reducer IF passband to 1. Digital Modem tnc, Weatherfax, Etc. YHSTA, you can monitor both receiver channels at the same time during dual reception. Page 28 Sub VFO.


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The buried radials of a ground-mounted vertical antenna can carry lethal volt- ages outward from the center of the antenna in the event of a direct lightning strike.

However, in an actual program, it may be pref- trol software owing to the large variety of computers erable to convert the decimal frequency variable in the While computer equipment may reference guides and publications relating to RFI sup- pression techniques.

SPLIT also provides alphanumeric character display of pro- This indicator appears whenever split-frequency gramming menu selections and settings. Page A wide bandpass response is produced, emu- 8. Don’t show me this message again.

Offset Display Mode A display can be configured to show one of four differ- ent operating parameters. Page — 2.

A wide bandpass response is produced, emu- 8. International Division N.

Yaesu FT-1000MP Operating Manual

Connect a serial 2. See menu ft1000p below for tone tional 2. Transmitting 50 Ohms can be obtained. Although surge suppression is provided on all an- Typical antenna configurations are shown below. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Direct frequency entry and one-touch band change are possible on both the Main and Sub VFOs, exactly as on the front panel keypad.