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Fundamentals of Carrier Transport (Modular Series on Solid State Devices, Vol X ) [Mark Lundstrom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fundamentals of Carrier Transport explores the behavior of charged carriers in semiconductors and semiconductor devices for readers without. Title: Fundamentals of Carrier Transport. Authors: Lundstrom, Mark. Affiliation: AA (Purdue University, Indiana). Publication: Fundamentals of Carrier Transport.

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Measurement Science and TechnologyVolume 13Number 2.

Get permission to re-use this article. Sign up for new issue notifications. This book presents an introduction to the theory of electronic transport in the solid state.

The author starts with a reminder of the quantum theory of condensed matter and then concentrates on carrier transport itself. A wide range of subtopics is touched upon in different chapters, e.


The author avoids using heavy mathematical machinery and, therefore, does not give a strict theoretical description. However, the presentation is clear and, as a rule, good examples are given.

The author gives a brief review of the basic theoretical methods and models, like the Boltzmann equation, the balance equations, the scattering matrix approach etc. An application of numerical methods is demonstrated as well. The book can be used as a good textbook by undergraduate and postgraduate students specializing in applied physics and related areas.

A well structured presentation also allows the book to be used as a simple handbook on the theory of transport in the solid state. This second edition of the carrir is considerably enlarged and revised compared with the first one. However, if a third edition is to be considered, the author must improve it further.

Fundamentals of Carrier Transport

For example, the theory of transport in media with a non-parabolic conduction band and the transport properties of low-dimensional structures should be presented in much more detail. A lot of mesoscopic effects are missing from the last chapter, for instance the weak localization correction to the classical conductivity. I believe also that a brief introduction to the methods of the quantum kinetic equation and Green’s functions is necessary in any modern book on transport.


In its fundamemtals form, I would not recommend the book for republication.

Fundamentals of Carrier Transport, Mark Lundstrom, eBook –

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