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STO S Camera Mount Kit for GAUI X & GAUI X for Aerial GAUI X Quadcopter H Motor Mount Landing Gear Set. $ Sale. X was designed based on UAV, advantages are: 1 Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery (2SmAh) time of flight for more than 12min, with a high-capacity. GAUI X HD Profi Quad Flyer in Multirotors, GAUI MRT Multirotors, GAUI MRT Multi Rotors.

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Remember Me Forgot Password? Gaui x or DJI F kit. Feb 27, Iam new to multirotors and iam ‘about’ to buy a kit. In the future I would like to fly FPV and use a gopro on it. But iam not really sure what kit to get, I do not know anybody that has either of them. These two seem to be really ggaui. It is pretty stable and suitable for a beginner like me.

The Gaui X is 10cm wider, you can fold it for transport and it comes in a nice bag. No flex on the arms.

Also a very nice model. Not sure about the GU Stabilizer, i am not able to find a vs Naza thread. I hope you can give me some helpful info!


Thank you very much, Alex, the Netherlands. As far as I know Naza is a much much better flight controller and you can eventually move it to something better. The Gaui quads come with the GU which is basically a gyro and nothing else.

So I’d go for the F kit, but make sure to get better props for it such as 10×5 Graupners CW and CCW because the stock props aren’t good in the wind. Mine broke mid-flight the other day and I now have to repair my F quad. The arms aren’t 500 stiff as on other quads, although they’re nowhere near as bad as some people say they are.

And if you use stiff balanced props, gauj the camera a bit it shouldn’t be a problem.

Gaui X build-log – RCExplorer

I got good results with 8″ Gemfan props on my F, altho I am moving to 9″ props soon to get better lift. Also, the altitude hold is perfect if you’re a beginner. You don’t have to think that much about keeping it nice and steady in the air, it does that for you. Alright, F and Graupner props it is. I think we’ve all seen it. I don’t think anything like that happens in flight though.


You could probably bend almost any frame out there if you wanted to, maybe not that much though. Ken just keeps that video up to get paid from Google cus its controversial.

Gaui 500X build-log

My frames do not twist like that. I sport fly my F harder than anyone has I am sure of it.

I will get some vids up soon. If it was gonna twist it would when I fly it thats for sure. Porsche Cayenne hp Twin Turbo Titinum Gau at the build video, is the powermodule also supplied with the kit?

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