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How to Make Lactobacillus Serum This stuff is expensive but you can just make your own. Rice Wash Get a by iamstan. Get in touch with Gil Carandang and 14 million other members when you join Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing is the best place to find local accomodation, meetup . Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article). Lacto Bacilli. One of the major workhorse beneficial indigenous microorganism used in natural farming is lacto bacilli.

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Food security and gli agriculture are among the defining issues of our time, greatly affecting our individual diets, consumer habits, and farming practices. While the movement to go organic continues to gain popularity, it is important to return to the reasons why we pay so much attention to cqrandang providence of our food. Gil Carandang of Herbana Farms is a proud follower of the laws of nature and dismisses any suggestion that man can ever be master over the natural elements.

He cites how the toll of catastrophic typhoons in the past few years has forced many people to question how land is used and to pay closer attention to the environment.

Carandanb farming sprouts from that same sense of awareness and humility before nature. In the s, at a time fil industrial farming methods were disseminating, the multi-talented Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner founded the biodynamic approach that reconciles spiritual and scientific understandings of the relationship between man and nature. His holistic innovation long predates modern narratives of environmentalism and sustainable agriculture.

Biodynamic farming takes into consideration all aspects of the ecosystem constituting the farm to optimize fertility and productivity of the soil and to enhance the quality and nutrition of the food grown. He shares how a farmer once asked him how to make organic fungicide for his crops.

Rather than teaching him the formula, he examined how the farmer made use of his land. He noticed that the wind blew perpendicular to the direction in which the crops were grown, impeding air flow.

Re-orienting the farm led to the fungal problem resolving itself without any future dependence on fungicide. Situated just outside Calamba in Laguna, Herbana Yil attracts volunteers internationally who come to learn carxndang holistic farming methods. One common-sense innovation carandqng the herb spiral, which resembles a mini stepped-pyramid. Carandang explains that rosemary goes on top since it dislikes water.

At the bottom are herbs like gotu kola and perennial coriander, which love damp soil.

His farm also grows a wide variety of produce such as holy basil or tulsikale, cabbage, galangalkatmonand pea eggplants. Biodynamic farming also advocates the use of probiotics in the production of its own fertilizers and pesticides while enzymes and growth hormones are extracted from plant tips through cold pressing in order to avoid denaturing them.


Beyond the farm in Laguna, Carandang has trained hundreds of farmers from the Cordilleras to Leyte and even El Nido where he was able to teach fishermen to grow lettuce and other vegetables to supply the resorts a second source of cadandang.

He also sees it as an important step towards poverty alleviation and economic development. Through his intensive training programs where he aims to get farmers earning P30, for every thousand square meter, Carandang is making the tools for holistic farming more accessible in order to counter the image of organic as an expensive and difficult option.

Both got into biodynamic farming as mothers carrying the intention to feed their children properly rather than seeking to maximize yields for profit. The pair gives credit to the mentors who guided ccarandang helped them over the years, including Nicanor Perlas, a pioneer of biodynamic farming in the Philippines.

Its application to the country was not straightforward, with the model encountering a lot of initial resistance to the foreign concept. However, Weber-Tantoco points out that it is more akin to how our ancestors farmed and approached the land.

Sharon Cuneta interviews Gil Carandang | PinoyOrganics | Flickr

carandamg She also shares that Steiner explicitly warned against any dogmatism in his teachings, calling for flexibility. For example, certain mixtures in biodynamic agriculture use plants that may not be readily available in carandanh Philippines, such as stinging caranvang and valerian.

After the initial hurdle, the success of the model speaks for itself. Weber-Tantoco and Go proudly share how many of the staff of their farm have been with them for years. Holy Carabao Farms also maintains its own delivery service despite prodding for them to get a third party to do it. Similar to Carandang, the two women are also trying to bring organic food to the everyday Filipino. They continue to justify the price and why it is better while shaking off the reputation that it is only for the elite.

Weber-Tantoco and Go also work with partner farms that adhere to the same holistic model.

Gil Carandang

They commit to buying the harvests of small farmers who themselves set the price, a departure from the downward price pressure applied by some retailers. The numerous patches in Holy Carabao Farms in Santa Rosa yield healthy carrots, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. Instead of using insecticides, they stay true to the biodynamic philosophy and preserve 10 to 15 percent of their land as untouched forest, which acts as an insectarium to maintain the natural balance of organisms.


The farm also features happy pigs, chickens, and cows. A Waldorf school, which also follows the teaching methods of Steiner, can be found next to the farm and the children enrolled here pay visits to learn where their food comes from. One criticism of biodynamic agriculture is the accusation of being a pseudoscience, a type of horticultural feng shui incorporating esoteric beliefs and practices.

Anatomically, cows have four stomachs teeming with symbiotic microbes that break down hard-to-digest cellulose from plant fibers. The cow horn provides minerals to the microbial fauna in the manure, which gives th e resulting fertilizer added nourishment.

Whether you choose to approach biodynamic farming through the scientific or esoteric paths, the results speak volumes. If you think about it, biodynamic caransang is not unusual or a departure from traditional farming methods.

Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article) | Paper Bokashi

It is the industrial agriculture that developed in the 20th century that is the real aberration. Biodynamic farming is a carahdang for us to reconnect with nature, to use ecology to our benefit, and to return to how farming once was.

Rather than controlling nature with an assortment of chemicals and heartless industrial methods, we ought to be working with it. The movement also recognizes that economic sustainability underpins environmental sustainability, hence the strong focus on technique and training in order to achieve greater results without compromising their values.

Biodynamic agriculture makes organic farming more sustainable and efficient, allowing organic produce to be grown by smaller farmers that may not have the same access to capital. We consumers should reflect on our own intentions the next time we buy produce. Buying carsndang should no longer be seen as a status symbol or a fad, but as a way to support farmers and to preserve the environment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Bringing biodynamic farming to the mainstream market Despite its divisive principles, biodynamic farming could be a solution to the heavy price of industrial agriculture.

Photos by RG Medestomas. Carlo Fong-Luy June 1, His farm also grows a wide variety of produce such as holy basil or tulsikale, cabbage, gill, katmon, and pea eggplants. The man behind Malipayon Farms leaves organic farming to paint a new future October 11, A long tradition of sustainability forms the identity of your salad August 17, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.