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Konstantinos – Gothic Grimoire – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. A very usefull book from Konstantinos and i could’t find. As the rest of the world goes to sleep, the nightkind – those who prefer to explore the mysteries of the night – prepare for their rites. Whether you are new to the. Buy a cheap copy of Gothic Grimoire book by Konstantinos. As the rest of the world goes to sleep, the nightkind – those who prefer to explore the mysteries of the.

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Whether you are new to the practice of nocturnal magick, or a seasoned dark mystic, this companion to the popular Nocturnal Witchcraft is sure to bring new levels of power to your nights. Expand your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with this collection of techniques and rituals taken directly from the author’s personal magickal notebooks. Commune with the Dark Gods and Goddesses of the Night with nocturnal rituals for the sabbats.

Examine advanced astral workings, including astral travel, working with thoughtforms, and banishing unwanted energies and entities. Connect with the positive side of the darkness within and without as you learn. Not for the meek, the magick you’ll encounter in these pages will help you transform yourself, and change the way you perceive reality from this night forward. Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics.

He is the author of Vampires: The Occult TruthSummoning Spirits: Calling Dark Forces and Powersand Werewolves: Chapter One Stepping into the Current Your way of life can never be truly codified by others. Seeker of dark mysteries, how you choose to fulfill your desires shall always be flexible.

There is a very tangible current or energy at work in the ether of night. If this is your first foray into nocturnal magick, then maybe you still need some time to feel the current. This dark current is, in a way, the only ally you need in your path to spiritual development. It links you to the Source through the guise of the nocturnal deities. It gives you, this energy you can tap into, the tools you need to transform reality around you.

Identifying the Nocturnal Tradition In Witchcraft, a new energy current usually forms around a new tradition. Some High Priest or Priestess determines a set of practices and rites, deities and myths, to base a tradition upon. Practitioners then give energy to the whole, adding vitality to the new current being formed. All Wiccan traditions have begun in this way. Contrary to popular legend, there are no Wiccan covens with lineages dating back hundreds of years.

While Paganism is many thousands of years old, it was never celebrated in quite the way that Witches do so now. This is why many Witches prefer to add a prefix to their theology, calling it Neopaganism.

Traditions are relatively new, be they the ones Gerald Gardner or Alex Sanders began last century, or any of the others that followed. Again, until now, Wiccan traditions would come first, then an energy current would form around them.

The current of night, however, has always been here. How can I or any other Witch ever claim to have created this current? Dark power has always existed, and has been tapped by countless magick users through the years. The Nocturnal Tradition, therefore, is one we must attempt to identify in reverse, if you will. It is a tradition formed to make best use of a timeless force that has shown itself to nightkind each sunset for millennia. This tradition is what you nightkind make of it, after all.


I only hope to help you feel its reality and make practical use of this current. A few short lunar cycles after said dedication, you should have felt that your connection to the universe expanded.

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Everything starts to seem different when you walk down a magickal path. In magick, results are obtained when probabilities and coincidences are bent slightly to ultimately provide you with what you ask for.

Do a spell for a new car, and you may either get a raise to make possible the payments on a new car, or may even win one in a contest. The universe decides how results are obtained.

Working with a current sets this all in motion. Even newly developed currents take on a form of tangible intelligence in time, providing the universe with a means of helping you. A current as old gothi that of night, however, can powerfully alter your life. To more fully allow yourself to be swept up by the wonderful gifts awaiting you in the darkness, you should consider taking your dedication a level further through full initiation.

Again, there are no centuries-old traditions that can claim the authority to pass on a figurative torch. Griimoire even in ancient days, when Paganism was the prevalent religion of most lands for millennia, self-initiation rites still existed, ranging from inner vision quests to dangerous exposures to the elements in the wild.

The Self-Initiation found here will only strengthen your link to the unseen world and to the night itself. In time, the dark will guide you where you need to go with gentle nudges or even startling pushes in the right direction.

In addition to helping your development, the Self-Initiation will strengthen your link to Divinity. The gods and goddesses of night will somehow feel closer to you from the moment you complete the rite. This is no hallucination on your part. The dark current is what you use to access these deities. By aligning yourself more closely with the dark current, you allow your soul a freer way to reach the godforms built upon the same energy.

To perform this konstantnos, you will need an altar that is fully set up.

In addition, a couple of extra items will be necessary. One is a lidless black box about the size of a shoebox. This can literally be the latter, covered on the outside with black construction paper or paint. The box will be used upside down as a cover for some items that you need to place konstanginos the foot of the altar.

Also, gather representations of the four elements that make sense to you. A feather for air, perhaps, or some rocks for earth? How about a match for fire and a shell for water? Unlike the obsidian, these representations of the elements will not be around with you for long at all and should be disposable. The last item is a one-sided hand mirror. Place this facedown on the ground before your altar and put the other objects on top of the mirror.


Try to arrange the objects so that the elemental symbols are toward the appropriate quarters on the mirror, and place the skull in the center.

The skull should be facing west and all the objects should be on the floor to the west of the altar, where you normally stand. Behind or to the east of the skull, place the piece of obsidian. It should not be visible if you kneel before the items on the floor. Cover the objects with the overturned black box and prepare yourself for the Self-Initiation.

Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos (2002, Paperback)

Self-Initiation Rite Take a ritual bath if possible, imagining that you are being purified by the water around you. Do a self-relaxation meditation or rite. Cast a magick circle, but do not invoke the God or Goddess yet.

Place both palms on the altar and kneel before it, being careful grimoure to knock over the black box with your knees. Spend a moment feeling a connection with the energy present in your altar. Your palms may start tingling. Look into the nocturnal portal until you can see your reflection. Think about how you coexist with the glowing darkness around you, and about how your life has been changing as a result. Think of your first successful invocation, your first manifested thoughtform or spell result.

Gaze into the reflection of your eyes and say: I now delve deeper into the shadows.

Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos | eBay

May the gods and goddesses of night guide their still-blind child on the road of the seeker. So mote it be. Move your face back from the portal, seeing its reflection blend fully with the darkness. Lift your hands and wave into your face some of the incense smoke that you used to cast your circle. Close your eyes and let the mystical scent alter your mood and, ultimately, your state of mind. Stand up suddenly and move clockwise around the altar to the east.

If you feel a head rush, however, pause for a moment before making such a move. Grimolre at the east, say: I now depart the gthic of the rising sun for the realms of darkness.

Whoever dies shall be reborn. Now, move counterclockwise to the west of the circle and, as dramatically as you can, simulate your own death. Bizarre as it sounds, you should face the west gohhic collapse carefully! When you do complete your gothc collapse, slowly close your eyes. Crackling all around them is silver lightning.

Try to hear this lightning. Try to feel its pulsing, its static tingling all over your body. Focus on the silver pillars.

Note how the lightning cannot touch these columns, bouncing away each time it gets close to them. See, the silver columns are moving apart. Imagine that you are moving closer to this dark abyss between the gfimoire. What do you see there?