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This brief introduction to Greyhawk is for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. guide for creating AD&D 3 characters in your Greyhawk campaign. The home of the Greyhawk Wiki and a ton of materials for the Greyhawk setting: adventures, . campaign where much of DUNGEONS & [email protected] and ADVANCED Already famous among fantasy garners, Greyhawk also served as the setting. The edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide pays visual tribute to . In the Greyhawk campaign setting, the first fantasy setting for the.

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Greyhawk as the “Official” Setting.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Sep Posts 4, Greyhawk as the “Official” Setting Hey, a bit of a historical enquiry here: That is when I started playing, and we used the gods in the book and such, but we were really doing a “Points of Light” make it up as we go setting, so I didn’t ever really experience Greyhawk proper.

It doesn’t seem that product-wise the setting was actually supported: Any historical insight appreciated! Originally Posted by Parmandur.


Hey, a bit of a historical enquiry here: My understanding is that one of the 3e designers was a fan, but WotC knew that Forgotten Realms was the moneymaker. Therefore, they made GH the default, so that everything FR they could sell to gamers as a separate supplement. Originally Posted by delericho. It was less ‘official’ so much as ‘default’, in that the names of the gods, and also the names referenced in some of the spells Bibgy, Otiluke Of course, the spells had already long-transcended the setting.


There were two books for Greyhawk: Greyhawk was also the setting of the Living Greyhawk campaign, of course. I don’t think this was really a case of drama within WotC, though. Rather, it was part of an over-arching strategy: Greyhawk for the default “do what you want with it” style, and FR for those who wanted an in-depth setting greeyhawk the books sold at a premium. Eberron came later, so wasn’t part of the same strategy. There is no particular reason for Elves to use long swords or not have to sleep nor why the evil ones are the ones that live underground, no particular reason Dwarves have to be classified as “good” and particularly setitng odds with Orcs and Goblins, why Gnomes have to specialize in Illusions, no reason “Halflings” have to be a thing or be divided between “Hairfoot” and “Tallfellow” All of these things are born within the GreyHawk setting in order to differentiate it from any other fantasy world that ever existed prior.


Join Date Jul Posts 19, Just seems so weird they would publish just the two books and then effectively abandon the setting? Originally Posted by pemerton. Because its popularity peaked some time in the 80s, I think.

While I can’t quite state this as undeniable fact, it is my impression that GH was sidelined as a setting because two years before work even began on 2E Gygax had been kicked to the curb at TSR and was only a “creative contributor”.

He had no ability to champion his own setting to be promoted within the game and TSR certainly had every corporate interest to minimize their dealings with Gygax from that point on. Greyhawk was pretty much left to rot. When WotC bought up the bankrupt wreckage of TSR they began work on 3E and it seems they were interested in having at least an amicable relationship with Gygax.

Pretty much as just a nod to his contributions in creating the game they made Greyhawk the “default” setting. As noted that pretty much just meant that deities and some spell names and items were products that came out of the Greyhawk setting. But they made no real efforts to promote it as a setting over FR the IP rights for which at some point was bought out entirely from Greenwood.


One of the things noted by Ryan Dancey in analyzing TSR’s greyhaw, for WotC was that pushing multiple settings at once, and re-publishing them frequently only led to lowered sales of any particular setting. So – Gygax gets greyhak tip-o-the-hat in the PH, because they’re cool guys and want to be nice to him – but they’re businessmen too, and the setting they promote for independent sale rather than give any part of it away with the core rulebooks is the one THEY completely Setring without question.

But if it was not popular, and they did greynawk plan to change that by publishing books, why declare it to be the default?

Welcome to Greyhawk

Originally Posted by Man in the Funny Hat. Gygax gets a tip-o-the-hat in the PH, because they’re cool guys and want to be nice to him – but they’re businessmen too, and the setting they promote for independent sale rather than give any part of it away with the core rulebooks is the one THEY completely OWN without question.

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