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Fats Waller and His Rhythm – A Handful Of Keys – Music. Handful Of Keys Lyrics: I like to tinkle on an old piana / I like to play it in a subtle mannah / I get a lot of pleasure / With a spano’ keys / Underneath my finger tips. The song Handful of Keys was written by Fats Waller and was first recorded and released by Thomas Waller in It was covered by Anthony Wonsey, Henry.

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Handful of Keys (album) – Wikipedia

Well that’s two-fisted piano playing at its finest as befits a tribute to the great Fats Waller. It’s played by Hank Jones, one of the most consistent and excellent jazz pianists of all time.

We want to identify essential recordings of jazz, but that doesn’t often allow us to feature contemporary artists. But in this case, we can do both. This is a first-rate solo piano CD that’s pretty recent — recorded in And even though music is not an all-star game, I think you wouldn’t get much argument, if you said to a jazz musician right now “The greatest living pianist is Hank Jones.


It’s hard to think of a great musician he hasn’t played with. Besides his legendary impeccable technique and musicianship, he brings to his playing a warm, engaging musical personality, wonderfully inventive harmonies, melodies and rhythmic ideas, and a terrific sense of fun and wit.

Hank loves Fats Waller, and he spent the better part of two years playing his music every night on Broadway in the musical Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Full disclosure department here: I had a hand in writing that musical.

And like Fats Waller, he uses all of the instrument — technically and in its expressive range. To use a dreadful adjective, it’s fully “pianistic,” as is the work of all the greatest jazz piano masters: And like Fats Waller, Hank Jones shows you how hard one man can swing.

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