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Western Atlantic: North Carolina in USA, Bermuda (Ref. ) and Bahamas to Santa Catarina, Brazil (Ref. ). International trade is monitored through a. Hippocampus reidi. This small fish is smoother than some of its seahorse counterparts, but still displays a variety of colors and the ability to. The slender seahorse or longsnout seahorse (not to be confused with the Long- snouted seahorse), Hippocampus reidi, is a species of fish in the Syngnathidae.

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Tags shoal group, pair couple, hard to feed. Taxonomy The longsnout seahorse was originally described by Ginsburg as Hippocampus reidi in They are collected as aquarium fish, folk medicine, curiosities and for religious purposes.

The specific name honors Mr Earl D.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

English language common names for this species include longsnout hippcoampus, Brazilian seahorse, seahorse, and slender sea horse. Size, Age, and Growth Seahorses generally live from one to four years. Dedicated aquarium Species of the Pipefish family should be kept in a dedicated tank, see the family description below.

However, both males and yippocampus may have brown or hippcoampus spots placed sporadically upon their body. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Species requiring more than a liter tank are considered not suitable for home aquarium. The female will deposit up to 1, eggs in the males pouch where fertilization takes place.


Reef Compatibility of Hippocampus spp. Food Recommended Zooplankton Cyclops, pods During the night, this species stops feeding and also stops swimming, wrapping its tail around a holdfast and remaining there until dawn.

Hippocampus reidi – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

One should avoid keeping seahorses together deidi food competitors as this will impede feeding. Seahorse eggs are oval or pear-shaped, orange in color, and measure 0. Smaller individuals inhabit shallower waters. Species of the Pipefish family should be kept in a dedicated tank, see the family description below.

Some species doesn’t handle transportation very well, but that doesn’t mean that the species isn’t hardy under the right conditions.

Brazilian Reidi Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi)

In addition, it is commonly collected for use hippocampsu folk medicine, as souvenirs, and for religious purposes. The maximum reported size of the longsnout seahorse is 6.

They mate for life, have complicated courtship and bonding rituals, and the male carries the embryos to term in his brood pouch. When feeding, seahorses use their long snout and small mouth to create pipette-like suction drawing live prey into their mouths.


Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences. Pipefish can however, handle a slightly more powerful circulation than seahorses. Reid of the Division of Fishes at the U.

This species may hippoccampus a threat to some types of invertebrates. Views Read Edit View history. The depth range of this seahorse is meters with smaller individuals residing in shallower habitats. Brazilian Reidi Seahorse Hippocampus reidi. Predators In general, seahorses are believed to have few natural predators due to their ability to camouflage along with their unpalatable boney plates and spines.

This seahorse is also frequently taken as bycatch in non-selective fishing gear such as trawl nets. Typically there are no skin appendages, although the longsnout seahorse is covered with hippocajpus of bony plates. The slender seahorse has been found at depths of 55 meters. Longsnout seahorses are often displayed in aquariums.

Males and females are easily distinguished due to their bright colors.