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For over 50 years the Hippocrates Health Institute has helped guide individuals Tags: book, brian and anna maria clement, hippocrates lifeforce, paperback. And though this has been happening for decades at Hippocrates, we are You will be able to read more about Lifeforce and our findings in the. Hippocrates Lifeforce by Brian R. Clement, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Hippocrates Lifeforce: Superior Health and Longevity by Brian R. Clement

In addition to our daily clinical research, we continue to witness the remarkable ability that people have to bring themselves back from the grips of emotional and physical disease to a fulfilling and satisfying life. And though this has been happening for decades at Hippocrates, we are continually inspired by each and every recovery- they serve as a constant, daily motivation for us hippocfates explore the ever-changing landscape of effective complimentary therapies.

Our first objective has always been to place the most productive and effective tools for self-healing in the hands of conscious individuals. And, once people move away from their own diversionary tactics and embrace responsibility for their healing process these tools are almost always successful. We have always answered that these are two of the most positive side effects of living responsibly; they occur naturally when one embraces the Hippocrates 1 Living Foods Program.

Putting this new understanding to work, we began to research and accumulate progressive information on two areas of great interest: Hundreds of thousands of people have renewed, revolutionized lifeforcce even l saved their own lives at Hippocrates through their discovery of Lifeforce, which is our essence jippocrates the source of all creation.


In this offering, we comprehensively present each and every aspect of health and the most effective ways of maintaining and increasing Lifeforce and, therefore, personal longevity.

Not surprisingly, a positive mind is as critical to our health and in many cases even more so than the foods we consume.

Hippocrates LifeForce Paperback – Hippocrates Health Institute

In Lifeforce, we will spend a great nippocrates of time on this essential component of health. Longevity or life—extension, was the second exploration that intrigued us.

Scientists from Europe, America, and Asia have woven together this foundational understanding that we have personally witnessed in our many years of work at slowing the unnatural progression of aging.

A new Hippocrates book entitled Longevity which will be published in French, and available this summer in Switzerland.

Knowing how the Living Foods Program slows the aging process, we realized hippocrwtes longevity comes down to a very basic formula: To extend our lives, then, we must work to create a continuous and unbroken wave of positive electrical activity in our thoughts and our anatomical bodies. When we create and maintain vibrancy in all areas, our lives flourish. Likewise, when we lack these powerful frequencies, deficiencies surface in our body and spirit.

Fortunately we have established a program at Hippocrates that enables you to live with heightened integrity and superior vitality. The four cornerstones of a truly happy existence and potentially long life are life—giving thoughts, emotionally satisfying connections.

Life-giving food and exercise and spiritual fulfillment.

Is it any wonder that so many of us age disgracefully in our western. Are we not reaping what we have sown then, in the form of epidemic disease and illness affecting people of all ages, including our young?

The Center for Disease Control CDCa government agency that records and studies health trends, has reported that for the first time in our history a generation of adults would outlive their offspring. This is a sobering and frightening reality that, for anyone desiring better health or longevity requires honest and personal examination.


There are many on this long list; however, the simple acts of recycling, using recycled products, or buying hybrid automobiles versus SUVs are examples of ways to escape these entrapments. Taking shortcuts rather than working to achieve fulfillment that preserves rather than destroys life is one of the most powerful enemies in the attainment of a long and healthy life. It is the lack of belief in ourselves as well as our fear of rejection by others that causes us to be less than productive and inactive in the most crucial areas of our lives.

Hippocrates Lifeforce: Superior Health and Longevity

The good news, however, is that the answer to every question exists within you. Tap into your Lifeforce, with a positive and committed attitude and you can create longevity and peace. At Hippocrates, we believe hipocrates every person has the possibility to achieve personal peace, a peace that sustains ones confidence and conviction to relish life rather than relinquish it.

When we harmonize with nature an. This love fuels the very faith required to continue in spite of all odds and prevailing forces.

This is not a learned faith, hippocartes a blind one that is based on self—confidence and action.

Vol 24 Issue 2 Page 8. About the author – WebStore. Should You Still Buy Organic? Thanks For Submiting Your Information.