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For many years did the tower stand in all of its magical glory, a wondrous creation by the work efforts of all who lived within. Alas, beauty does not last forever and soon a war waged for many years as wave upon wave of Orcs and Goblins bombarded the Elven Outpost, pushing the Elven forces to the walls and with one last hope, Larrel cast his magics to save them all. Today, the tower still stands, known as The Severed Handa reminder of what magic can do when something goes terribly wrong.

Long shadows and darkened hallways await your exploration along with walking, dead reminders of those who died in the long battles. The background effects as well as music adds to this eerie place and will keep you busy for sometime as you explore its depths and four towers that jut into the sky.

The Severed Hand took me awhile to complete as it is dotted with an seemingly endless supply of foul beasts who bar your exploration deeper in to the tower and having more than one access up or town the tower via stairs or elevators makes this an interesting, yet enjoyable place to visit.

If you think this is just an easy job, you’re wrong as you will have to complete a few quests before you can continue with your own and that is the Heartstone Gem which brought you here originally. So with that in mind, let’s look at the levels which you will be venturing to. If you have a dwarf in your party, expect some dialog change during this short little introduction to The Severed Hand and then prepare yourself to venture forth into the ruins and of course, learn its history and what happened.

Of course, there is the mage with his invisibility, but a good thief can do it all in such situations, especially detect hidden traps under all of the rubble that is strewn across the towers floor.

Throw in a few Shadowed Ogres and Worgs from forgotten battles long ago and you have yourself some good battles on the way. I found the Goblin Archers pretty tough and don’t let the name “Goblin” fool you either for they strike true with their bow and arrows, so get close and get there quick.

As mentioned above, shadows lurk around every corner and where light is not, danger surely is but beware for walking into a room full of foul beasts will suddenly make their Shadowed forms alert and all those in viewing range will begin to move to the party who is waiting for your thief to return. Be careful when exploring because one minute it’ll be you and the dark shadows while the next your party is surrounded by battling beasts wanting your very blood!

As many of the tower levels, it is occupied by more than one flight of stairs, either going up or down depending where you are. I suggest if you are having trouble piecing the tower together, to check the Online Maps I have created and marked in detail so you are able to move around freely. The Online Maps are broken down by levels 1 to 8, and from level 5 and up, I have marked each separate tower with a letter which matches the corresponding stairway from level 4.

I hope it isn’t difficult for you to follow, but I placed all the tower levels from level 5 and above as the stairs are situated on level 4 and also put them on the same map. Even if you have not been told of this quest, keep these parts on you because when you do meet up with Larrel’s helping hand who is looking for the parts to complete the Astrolabe, you will already have some or all of them on you. This part you find on level 1 is the first part of four and can only be gotten by going down the stairs from Level 3.

There are also two stairs going up to level 2 as well as the entrance in which you came through. Search this level out fully and kill everything you come across to lay the foul beasts to a final rest. They’ve been haunting this place far too long. The battled veterans of Orcs, Goblins, Worgs and Skeletons make this level enjoyable from a battle perspective and it is always wise to search this level for any interesting equipment that may help you in your journey.

Two sets of stairs go down to the first level as well as an elevator while three others lead up to the third level. Swinging, they will aim for thy head, so time your duck and attack.

They will also be joined by Burning Skeletons, who have the ability to launch fireball attacks at the tightly grouped party and it best to keep a close eye out for these as they linger in the distance waiting for the chance to strike!

If it not for the undead, watch out for Goblin Archers who will shoot at your party from above if you’ve come from the second level via the centre stairway. Arrows will fly not only from the floor you stand on, but from the openings in the upper walls.

Move quickly through here or you’ll become a pin cushion soon enough.

There are five exits from this level and if you need help knowing where they all are, check The Severed Hand LVL 3 Enlarged Map for more details as to what will take you where. Two stairs lead down to the second level as solucjw an elevator while one flight will return you to the very first level and another going up to the fourth. Once again, make sure you have explored this entire level from top to bottom to minimize the chances of your party missing items that may help you along your way.


Circular in nature icewins this level, the top level of the base part of The Severed Handbut it is on this level that four separate towers branch off from dael base and soar into the cale above.

Not having to worry about foul beasts or creatures lurking in the long, dark shadows will give you more time to explore the ruined tavern, the mess hall, the bedrooms and other smaller rooms that make this level. On your way, you will bump into a few elven spirits by the name of Telanis, Lethias and Sehriya who can fill you in soulcja what happened during the last few minutes of the towers fall. Telanis Songbender can be found in the Mess Hall, where his spirit still haunts and sings to those who wish to listen to his beautiful voice.

Lethias Defender of the Hand can be found in the main hallway, just a little ways from the stairs that lead down to the third level, while Sehriya can be found playing in the bedroom. Each will give you information that will help you understand and unfold the exact icewibd in The Severed Hand although Lethias will be able to give you much more information than the other two.

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Unless you failed to clear out the lower levels, you will want to begin to explore the four towers that loom above this floor and each are marked on The Severed Hand LVL 4 Enlarged Map for easy navigation. There are no set flight of stairs that I suggest you going up first as I did not do them in any specific order, so pick one and let’s begin detailing the next few levels and the Quests that go along with them!

Each level shown is level 5 of their respected tower, each marked from A to D respectively and they will always be in the same place on the levels to follow for easy understanding as they appeared on The Severed Hand LVL 4. For you brave warriors and those who like attention to detail, I am going to serve it up to you on a silver platter and hopefully everything will be explained smoothly as I have tried to do in the previous chapters. So let us begin and look at our first tower on level 5, followed by the other three.

Saddened by this is Demaini, the female elf who maintained the pools that once stood still and reflected your image back as that of a mirror. Her own lingering hope of sanity lays in restoring the pools to their former glory and beauty, but bound by her spirit to this part of the tower, finding the HOLY WATER she feels will return the pools to their original form is out of the question. Demaini asks of your services and it is open for you to take if you want to, that is if you wish to go hunting for a barrel of HOLY WATER that will turn the murky water back to its former crystal clear state.

Also, being a former priest when she was alive and defending the tower from the Orc and Goblin assaults, she will also ask that you lay the priests in The Severed Hand to rest by slaying them. Their current state of madness believes that they are still defending the tower from an attack and you will gain a certain amount of experience if you do so.

Besides Demaini, there are two flight of stairs leaving this level, one heading up to the sixth level while the other returns you to the fourth. She is shamed that the fighters within the tower have lost their own sanity as they haunt The Severed Hand and she asks you to lay them to rest, as did Demaini asked of you to lay the Priests to rest.

There are three locked doors on this level behind Kaylessa which house a multitude of foul beasts that are locked behind in the rooms beyond. A thief who can pick locks or a fighter who can bash doors in will be needed to get into the rooms. Stairs lead down to the fourth level as well as upwards to the sixth on this level. There is no other way to access the floors above this tower, perhaps they vanished in the explosion.

Although I had never attempted to rest here, it does look peaceful enough as well as safe enough to attempt it. A lone Solujca Spirit resides behind the counter, polishing off the counter with a dusty old rag, his eyes lost in some other existence but don’t be fooled. He’s watching you approach and waiting for you to get close enough away from the door so he can signal the Elven Swordsmen waiting in da,e Ethereal Plane and once you are close enough, they will appear and attack the party.

This is a great battle if your entire party walks straight in to explore as you will be surrounded and your escape blocked by the Elven Swordsmen Spirits but by now, you should be able to handle yourself in these types of situations so hack away and lay them to rest.

Two stairs exit this level, one goes down to the fourth level while the other climbs to the sixth. A flight of stairs leads down to level 5 while another flight goes upwards to level 7. Battle hard brave warrior. Stairs leading down will take you to ddale 5th level while a dirt ramp leading up towards sunlight will take your party to the 7th level.


This floor and the room beyond the closed door is littered with Elven Swordsmen which are discussing their battle tactics for the battle they still believe is on the way. I didn’t waste anytime here and rushed them quickly, taking on the whole bunch at once is a lot of fun as fireballs exploded and my swords swung true.

Let’s take a look at this level in depth. Battle well here brave warrior for there are items of great interest to you and another who makes The Severed Hand their home. Dotted with Elven Priests and Elven Swordsmen who want to see you dead will be upon your party as soon as you come up the stairs and they show no mercy in their attacks. Do your best to take out the Elven Archers who will be pelting you with their arrows from afar and if you get a chance iicewind get off a fireball before their numbers surround you, do so to shrink their large numbers.

Also, check the chest in the northeast corner and if everything went well when the item was randomized as you entered this level, you should have yourself a lovely piece of Elven Chain Mail Armor.

Due to the fact this item is randomized in this location icewinx may not be here when you first open the chest and it may also take a few more tries to get the Elven Chain Mail but I was told by a reliable source icewknd is where it is. If you’ve missed it here, there is one more place you can gain this item from and I’ll cover that further down in this solution. The reason I asked you not to save over your Auto Saved Game was so you’d be able to reload and do the battle over again and get the item in the chest randomized.

I have also been told that saving your game AFTER this battle and simply reloading it will randomize the items in the chest, but I have not tried this as I was given this information after I had already taken the randomized item out of iceeind chest and saved over my game.

If you try this method of saving after the battle, then reloading the saved game and the item is randomized afterwards, please send me a note and I will update this part of the solution accordingly.

On a reader note, I send you some added information about attaining the Elven Chain perhaps a little easier or harder, but that’s for you to decide. Anyway, you can be on level 2 icewidn keep reloading from there until elven chain shows up on level 3.

Can you reload on level 3 and make it change.

The Bard’s Tale 4 Game Guide

I doubt it highly. I probably have a saved game there so I can try it dalee. However, it’s not really needed. You can always just haste a guy to run and check for the armor and if it’s the right stuff, then kill all the elves and save the game at that point. Icewinc, to get hers, I’d just make a save upon entering the tower I’d keep reentering and making an initial save before killing her. When she finally gave up elven chain, I’d reload from the save I made after entering the tower that time.

Then instead of killing her, I’d go clear out the tower and then come back down knowing she’d have the armor. So I got the chain of the Hand first time I opened things. It was some potion or a ring usually. As for Kaylessa, I reloaded several times to get the chain. Stairs lead down to level 6 while you can climb others to take you to level 8.

Sorcerer’s Place – Icewind Dale Solution (Chapter 3)

First though, you will have to deal with the Elven Swordsmen and Elven Archers who icewnd this level their home and they will attack you as you make your way up the stairs to this level. Battle hard as always and when the battle is over and you are cleaning your weapons, search this floor out and make sure you leave nothing left for any other looters who come this way.

It is best to take the stairs upwards to level 8, just so you don’t forget about it and then solufja to take the bridge across to the other tower and to meet up with Larrel and his helper Gelarith. There are three exits from this level, one being to the bridge icewinc Tower 7E, while you can go down to level 6 or take a flight of stairs up to level 8. Make your way dalf each room, which houses roughly one to two Elven Spirits and once you’ve cleared out each small room, do make sure you search and get everything you can.

There are two flights of stairs here, one going down to the 6th level while another climbs to the 8th. First though, you will have to battle through a slew of Elven Swordsmen, Elven Priests and Elven Mages who will make your trip unenjoyable as you get closer and closer to your final destination.

The majority of the battle will take place in eale central circular room and my tactic was very simple as I had solucjz PC open the door just as my mage was finished casting his Monster Summoning II, which placed about Lizard Men around the Elves inside and then quickly closed the door to let them all do battle. Even though the Lizardmen perished, they still dropped the health of the Elves as well as a few priests before I opened the door again to have my fighters finish them off.