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None – Apple’s Mac OS X Desktop. All Platforms for Inkscape This lists all platforms for the selected release. None – bit architecture.

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After you’ve downloaded a file, you can verify its onkscape using its MD5 lnkscape or signature. How do I verify a download?

Inkscape Administrators Release registered: Activities Assigned to you: No blueprints or bugs assigned to you.

No blueprints are targeted to this milestone. Download files for this release After you’ve downloaded a file, you can verify its authenticity using its MD5 sum or signature. File Description Downloads inkscape This milestone contains Public information Everyone can see this information. Inkcape document metadata license defaults to Creative Commons 3.

Shrinking a pattern causes lock-up. Grouping section with connectors attached crashes. Crash when recreating grid using ‘redo’. Reverse LPE path crashes Inkscape. Clicking “Object – Filter Effects Crash when using Tweak tool, push on a 3D box 0.


TTF Balloon font not displayed correctly. Windows uninstall deletes user-created files. Crashes applying “Path along path” effect to closed iniscape. Grid settings not respected when reopening document. Cairo render prints nothing bitmap render crashes program.

Inkscape – Windows | Inkscape

Effects update on parameter change even without “live effects” enabled. Shapes disappear when snapping nodes to path in inkxcape tool. Using object handles to resize with grid on results in crash. Live Preview doesn’t change when option group toggles. LPE crash rotating stitched subpaths assertion. Error after pressing ‘Z’ in the 3d box mode while holding the left mouse button.

Save as xcf results in empty file on gentoo linux.

Setting Font size using combobox in Text toolbar broken. Save as Compressed with media results in inkscapd byte zip file.

Inkscape Uninstaller deleted other programs? Information lost when saving as Plain SVG.

Option to disable tablet support not working. Tiny setting on palette larger than small. Defined Grids cannot be removed.

: Series x : Inkscape

Effects disabled when “pin dialog” is checked. XCF export error “‘module’ object has no attribute ‘xml'”.

  BTA16 - 600B PDF

Insecure temporary file use in OCAL code. Slovak sk translation update. New perspective gets added each time a file is opened. WIndows Shortcuts not visible in file dialogs.

Catalan language not supported on windows installer. Palette bar sizes ignored for palettes with few colours. Serbian translation updated [sr. Void method which returns a value in stringstream.

Portuguese translation update for 0. Set fill and set stroke cannot be translated. Updated Simplified Chinese translation.

Inkscape 0.46

Triangle and Diamond Marker clean-ups. Bounding box not depending on the stroke width.

Cleanup patch for plural forms in po-files. Pattern along path extension works only with objects converted to path. Crash if right-click when completing a shape. Live path effects does not show parameters at times. Crash when drawing after opening incorrect inkscaoe file.