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Invincible: the games of Shusaku [John Power] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Scarce 1st Hardcover Edition Containing Games of . Invincible, the Game of Shusaku has 56 ratings and 7 reviews. Damon said: Shusaku was one of the leading players of the mid 19th century, who’s innovatio.. . Shusaku (), ‘the invincible’, was the outstanding player in an age of go geniuses and is considered by many modern professionals to be the greatest.

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Invincible: the Games of Shusaku : John Power :

The Games of Shusaku self. To my surprise today, this book is now a collectible? I better get some protective cover for it Whenever I see uncommon books with prices like that I usually assume is it auto-pricing bots malfunctioning. Those sellers have no idea what the book is and their bots just prices like everyone else which means occasionally the bots can have a group consensus that runs away to unreasonable prices.


That’s a placeholder price.

The seller is out of stock or very low stock and puts in a sky-high no-sale price to avoid having to delist and then relist the item. I’ve seen many books on Amazon with ridiculous prices, like in the ‘s of dollars.

I don’t know what the deal is with Amazon. I have seen some math textbooks on amazon go from 40 to overnight. If you are interested maybe just contact the seller and ask if you can buy at a lower price.

Invincible – The Games of Shusaku at Sensei’s Library

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Invincible, the Game of Shusaku

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Want to add to the discussion? When its about, the paperback is fairly cheap. Not sure of prices for the hardback tho