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ANCILIARY, COMPLAISANT AND SERVILE ROLE OF SCIENCE (Polska socjologia wsi, Izabella Bukraba-Rylska, Instytut Rozwoju Wsi i Rolnictwa PAN, ul. Bukraba-Rylska, I. (), Socjologia wsi polskiej (Polish Rural Sociology), It is interesting to note that the first issue (the past) is raised by Izabella Bukraba-. Michal Luczewski, Izabella Bukraba-Rylska. The Xmiaca effect. Michal Luczewski , Izabella Bukraba-Rylska. The Xmiaca effect. Michal Luczewski, Izabella.

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We kindly inform you polskiem, as long as the subject affiliation of our In this case, please broaden your search criteria.

Our research is designed to mark a significant contribution to the study of an unexplored area in Maramures until now, so it has a unique character. In the first part we analyzed izaabella role of the healer in the rural communities, and we focused on identifying the cause of the disease, in order to treat it.

Socjologgia investigation part of the introduction is an analysis of the circumstances and factors that generated the folk pharmacopoeia, izabellla importance to the composition of remedies used to treat various diseases wwi to socjjologia cure categories: We wrote in the recipe book different categories of medicines used for a single disease, with a view to highlight its alternative treating, counting on a better result of its healing.

We focused our analysis on the elements that make up the rich folk pharmacopoeia: In the second part of the investigation, we reproduced, based on information provided by performers, results of the field research, a rich medical recipe book meant to show the richness of the folk pharmacopoeia, and the variety of internal and external diseases that were treated by a lot of remedies which we grouped in simple remedies, cure based on combinations, and remedies necessary in treatments that use magic or bukrana-rylska mixed form, counting on magic combined with medicines.

We have not omitted to point out the beliefs- bans and superstitions, made by man of the people, to act in order to prevent diseases. It is underlined, that that a brand new construction of economic equilibrium and rapprochement of certain economic systems, economic and social policies of different states is formed on the base of convergent relations. It is proved, that convergent processes have to take place both inside of the state and at bordering territories of neighboring states, which form crossborder region and are decisive for processes of integration in general.

In recent decades, a significant number of Polish citizens have not only left the country but also moved away from the religious traditions in which they were brought up. The article sheds light on the phenomenon of religious conversions and identity reconfigurations within the Polish community in Great Britain. It delves into the intricate processes of religious self-transformations bukraba-ryska their impact on other forms of identity among Poles who have embraced Islam in the context of migration.

The paper draws from fieldwork data carried out bukfaba-rylska Polish Polskej converts living in different British cities between and It analyses their relations with the Polish community in the United Kingdom, the British Muslim population, as well as their bukraba-ylska sending and receiving societies. It argues that the processes of religious conversion and migration are frequently interrelated, as a significant proportion of the over 2, Polish Muslims in Britain embraced Islam either after their arrival in the country or elsewhere before coming to the UK.

The paper also shows how the change polsiiej religious identity leads to the adoption of new traditions and habits and to a process of at least partial distancing from non-Muslim relatives and elements of non-Muslim Polish culture. The converts thus engage in construction of hybrid identities, linking elements of Polishness with super-diverse British Muslimness. As the need for a participatory approach towards a sustainable landscapedevelopment grows, this paper has applied the cooperative game theory to analyse themechanism of entering a landscape agreement which requires the participation andinitiative of local residents and stakeholders.

The results confirmed that a landscapeagreement only becomes possible with a certain level of supporters and the optimalsituation is when all participants agree.

Moreover, the possibility of free riders, which wouldprevent reaching a universal agreement, was also confirmed.

Pobieraj Książki według Izabella Bukraba Rylska

The effect of governmentsubsidies for landscape considerate building and the enforcement of penalties for buildingwithout were also examined. As a result, we learned that subsidies and the enforcement ofpenalties influences the number of supporters required for the landscape agreement and inpreventing free riders.

The main aims of Studia UBB Digitalia are motivating and promoting the research in the interdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities, especially in Europe, in general, and Romania, in particular. The conference was inaugurated with the key-note speech given by Professor Willard McCarty, one of the first scholars to enthusiastically support the launch and the activities of DigiHUBB, the first digital humanities centre in Romania.


In his plenary lecture, professor McCarty underlined the fact that the prospects of a new centre always brings into mind the causes of the disappearance of once brilliant ones, with the main reason being the lack of an intellectual agenda.

In his paper entitled The programmer and the scholar: This article analyzes the process of interaction between Germany and Russia in the context of legal mechanism creation for mutual copyright protection. Features of the creativity protection regime of both states are studied through the musical and dramatic works.

The process of interaction between states in making international agreements on copyright protection is reconstructed, and its features are determined. We have used complementary research methods, including historical legal method and system analysis. Based on archive documents and other sources, we have determined the various ways of interaction between Russian and German participants in the music copyright market authors, publishers, government-owned theaters, private enterprises, gramophone companies, collective copyright management organizationsas well as the measures they used for copyright protection.

The paper deals with the corporate social responsibility which is a current value and ethical concept in business and public life. The subject of the paper is the very concept of corporate social responsibility CSR and its professional approach in science.

The aim of the research is to determine to what extent CSR is dealt with within the European Union countries in comparison with other world countries. Science is represented by professional scientific publications devoted to CSR.

The basic method is a systematic review based on the quantitative evaluation of selected features of 75 papers published on CSR worldwide. Today, corporations play an important role in the global, national and local economy. Regardless of the business profile, degree of internationalisation or size, they participate in numerous economic processes, which is why they are the subject of research in geography of industry, especially in geography of enterprises.

The main goal of the article is to review research related to corporations in Polish literature on the subject in the field of geography of industry. The author also aims at organising the concept of corporations, presenting closer their classifications, as well as indicating the place of research on corporations in geography.

The preparation of the article began with a literature query, as well as an analysis of the existing data desk research. As the research carried out indicates, in Polish literature on the issues of geography of industry, the researchers who concentrate on corporations look at the concentration of their head offices, theory and location factors, shaping processes and location of production, service and various branches, network connections, strategies implemented by corporations and their organisational forms, processes of corporation influence on international conditions for the development of domestic and regional systems and industrial enterprises, stimulation of inflow of foreign direct investment, the influence of corporations on the shaping of various industrial sectors, export relations, the role of cities in globalisation processes and the location of the corporation and their effects, as well as on corporate CSR activities.

We-human beings exercise different rights and duties depending on our ages, not to mention all our status and experience. Based on analyses of statistical yearbooks and survey reports on internal migration produced in the s in Mongolia, the paper investigates consequences of the rural-urban migration and explains why migration should be controlled internally.

Main argument is that any actions of a state, society or individual should be taken within the Law with the consideration of Human Rights rather than they should be ruled by the Rights and Freedoms.

Anna Kordasiewicz « Wyniki wyszukiwania « Instytut Socjologii UW

The precincts of the village have evolvedalongside the meadow as well as on the lower terraces of the valley, at an altitude of m,and the rural area — with a surface of approximately 1. Religious pluralism and religious freedom are democratic values of a multicultural and multiethnic Europe, therefore, Governments have the duty to support them in their respective member states.

Housing markets can be understood as indicators of the spatial pattern of capital investment under contemporary financial capitalism.

We take this point of entry in order to analyze core-periphery relations around the turning point of the global financial crisis of — on theHungarian housing market. We argue that these two patterns of uneven development are inextricably linked and result in deepening socio spatial polarization. Bibliotheca Baltoslavica Budapestiensis 3.


Uberlegungen zu einer gattungsspezifischen Poetik des Raums an Textbeispielen der russischen Literatur des Publikatio- nen zur Slawistik. Peter Lang AG, Obraz emigracji polskiej na iamach Dziennika Poznanskiego i Kurier Poznanskiego Kultura na pograniczach 2. Slawistyczny Osrodek Wydawniczy, Slavonia and Croatia belonged to the Habsburg controlled part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

As a result of the Ottoman conquest, the two provinces merged into a single territorial entity, and this study discusses this process. The noble society and the public administration of Croatia and Slavonia had fewer and fewer links with the Hungarian institutions due to economic, religious and military reasons.

However, in the meantime they established close relationships with the Habsburg dynasty and the Austrian hereditary provinces. The local nobility developed the idea of the independent Croatian state in the 16th—17th centuries, and thus, the territory could not reintegrate completely into the Kingdom of Hungary in the early 18th century. The conflict between Croats and the ethnic Serbs in Croatia corresponds to the concept of a deeply rooted conflict as described by John W.

Burton and Donald L. The author analyses the process of the negotiations between the Croatian authorities and the local Serbs from the UNPA zone East in the fall of The ethnic Serbs agreed to a compromise with the Croatian government after they had found themselves in a stalemate.

By this term William Zartman understands when one ethnic group sees no other way out, since all the military and political moves have been blocked for it. The author thinks this is the main reason why the local Serbs in eastern Slavonia agreed to a dialogue, accepted the compromise and signed the Erdut Accord on 12 February This article is concerned with cross-border tourism.

It enhances the importance of cross-border cooperation in tourism. Cross-border cooperation is a form of international cooperation, along with interregional, transitional and trans-frontier cooperation.

Cross-border regions often share the same historical and cultural traditions and attractive natural landscapes, such is the case of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. In both cases, cross-border regions can benefit from cooperation — cooperation can help create greater diversity and differentiation of the range of tourism and environmental products; create economies of scale and make promotion more effective, and can help better address specific problems or issues for tourism development.

The first issue of the Journal appeared in latein December, under the supervision of prof. To empower social and economic world to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for the communities, nations and humanity as a whole.

Our mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire academic community and economic sector feels welcome. Serving both academics and practitioners, the main scope consists in increasing specialists and awareness of cultural specificity and intercultural approach in business and management, but also in developing specific research. The complex superposition of layers of culture we are wrapped in:.

Family culture, education culture and finally our personality: The Red List of fauna of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was first made as a report, and later as part of the legal obligations under the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the authors, all of them from the Faculty of Sciences University of Sarajevo, the Red List contains only 18 bat species. They wrote this report in using the literature which dates from the early 20th century. At the time of writing their report, for Bosnia and Herzegovina was known 28 species. That only shows that the authors of the Red List does not know absolutely nothing about the recent research of bats in BiH, or the published articles from the region, in which were processed the species of BiH.

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