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jacques taminiaux, UCLouvain (University of Louvain), Philosophy Department, Department Member. Studies Philosophy, Historical Theory, and Kierkegaard. Levinas has sometimes been reproached for a certain laxness toward the history of philosophy. By dint of denouncing, as the central thread of this long history. A Phenomenological Study of Ginger Compress Therapy for People with Therkleson – – Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology 10 (1).

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Jacques Taminiaux, The Metamorphoses of Phenomenological Reduction – PhilPapers

Sign in to use this feature. Argues that Hannah Jacqeus two major philosophical works, The Human Condition and The Life of the Mind, reveal not a dependency upon Heidegger, but rather a constant and increasing ironic debate with him.

Hannah Arendt in 20th Century Philosophy.

Abstract Hannah Arendt frequently referred to herself as a phenomenologist in that she wished to reveal how action, in the Greek sense of praxis, engenders a public space of appearances or of phenomenality. The life of the Greek city?

However, beginning with Plato and continuing right down to Hegel and Heidegger, there has been a sustained attempt to cover up and conceal the specific phenomenality of the bios politikos At the roots of this concealment of the active life is a misunderstanding of the true nature of the theoretical and its highest form, namely, thinking. Direct download 4 more.


Emmanuel Levinas in Continental Philosophy. Martin Heidegger in Continental Philosophy. Phenomenology in Continental Philosophy. Direct download 6 more. Continental Metaphysics in Continental Philosophy. Direct download 5 more. Plato in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy.

Friedrich Nietzsche in 19th Century Philosophy. French Philosophy in European Philosophy. Karl Marx in 19th Century Philosophy. Edmund Husserl in Continental Philosophy.

Jacques Taminiaux

Husserl and Other Philosophers in Continental Philosophy. Accordingly, this article is an attempt to search for the roots of Heidegger’s political views in his early work, and above taminisux in the lecture courses on Plato and Aristotle delivered before the publication of Being and Timea book The investigation is in three stages: Political Theory in Social and Political Philosophy.

Truth in 19th Century Philosophy. Direct download 3 more. Consciousness of Action in Philosophy of Mind. Philosophy of Mind in Continental Philosophy. Maurice Merleau-Ponty in Continental Philosophy. Husserl and Continental Philosophers in Continental Philosophy. Logical Investigations in Continental Philosophy.

Academy of Europe: Taminiaux Jacques

This paper is an attempt to compare Plato and Aristotle with respect to their approach of both politics and tragic poetry. The paper argues that Plato approaches both topics in terms of a solitary contemplation or speculation which ultimately is the exclusive privilege of the philosopher, whereas Aristotle approaches them in terms of the ability everyone has to judge situations affecting human interaction.

As a result of the first approach the specialized activity of the expert is put on a higher On the contrary, in the second approach praxis is taken to be higher than any specialized production. Direct download 8 more.


Painting and Drawing in Aesthetics. Direct download 7 more.

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A pesar de lo diferentes que puedan ser sus interpretaciones de Levinas has sometimes been reproached for a certain laxness toward the history of philosophy. By dint of denouncing, as the central thread of this long history, the persistence or recurrence of an ambition to totalization, he would have failed to recognize the diversity of steps articulated along its course, thus ceding to the very thing he placed in question — the prestige of the same — to the detriment of the alterity of the other.

I propose to submit this alleged Chinese Philosophy in Asian Philosophy. Paul Ricoeur in Continental Philosophy. Direct download 2 more. Using PhilPapers from home? Create an account to enable off-campus access through your institution’s proxy server. Be alerted of all new items appearing on this page.

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History of Western Philosophy. Science Logic and Mathematics.