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JBL ASB Dual Inch Subwoofer – High Power Subwoofer 2 x 18″ H SVG™ Driver – ASB is a high power subwoofer system comprised of two. ASB/WH. SPECIFICATIONS. ACOUSTIC & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS : • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms in Parallel-Drive Mode. 2 x 8 ohms in Discrete. Find great deals for JBL ASB Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to asb128 Results 1 to 15 of A little background – I wanted something to cover about Hz for various forms of electronic music. One of them was the JBL H. I should point out I am not an expert which is the reason I am posting but it sounds like a good driver for my needs and the frequency response charts look fine.

ASBV Products | JBL Professional

I also searched google and found a few posts regarding the H on various web sites. All in all the H looks very promising and I am more or less ready to jump in. I know they will kick my chest and will have plenty of output. People have already said that the C sounds great, I assume this is the same but before I plonk down a good bit of cash it doesn’t hurt to get some confirmation. They are practically indestructible in the non-commercial environment.


I also have two H in 11 sq ft cabinets. They are slightly better but awb6128 handle the abuse The C can make their presence known with enough power. I use a Yamaha Pro Sound P watts per channel 8 ohms. They have no fan until the heat sinks heat up pretty well, making them suitably quiet for HT.

I’ve never heard the fans kick on. The best way to describe the impact is that I can feel the thump in the chest and the breeze from them tickles my beard when they really get going during hbl on screen and such stuff. Think center channel for TIs; 2 s, a and a 44ti, now what?

Originally Posted by opimax. Thanks for the replies. Anyone who may have actually heard this particular sub? What is your intended use? Is asb61228 a PA application, home or studio? How large is the room?

What are your limitations? Size, visual appeal, output level? They are great drivers within that output range. The reply for the C is the same driver in a larger box giving better low frequency response.

Originally Posted by hmolwitz.

Jbl Professional

Originally Posted by RJ Originally Posted by Eaulive. You don’t value hbl hearing? Of course I do. Just because it will be capable does not mean I will be running at those levels all the time. The system is more of a permanent mid bass solution. A lot of people enjoy the hobby of the equipment itself and while I do like the “cool toys” I would much rather assemble a great system and just sit back and enjoy.


I don’t want to be changing it or adding to it all the time. I hope that offers some perspective. I should note I don’t want that kind of capability above Hz. Well, with one you reach dB but this is calculated, and at W power.

Remember this is at 1m. If you want to have dB at your listening position I recommend four and 5kW average.

JBL ASB High-Power Dual 18″ Subwoofer (Black) ASB

I don’t want to go to your house after. Do you know that the rule of thumb for a rock concert is dB in the fars seats? And that kbl usually don’t want to exceed dB on a dance floor?

Whis is extremely loud. I think you need to stop listening to the car audio crowd and come back to the real world. Why do you recommend 4 s? Placement flexibility and FR smoothing? Or are you referring to the asb618 But you said you wanted mid bass so I guess asg6128 ASB is better.

THD is easy to add electronically afterward if you are into that sort of thing All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.