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Like many other martial arts, Kodokan judo provides lists of techniques students must learn to earn rank. For a more complete list of judo techniques by technique classification, including Japanese kanji, see the article judo techniques. Contents . 1 Ukemi (breakfalls); 2 Nage-waza (throwing techniques) Osaekomi-waza ; Shimewaza; Kansetsu-waza. Te-waza (手技): hand throwing techniques[edit]. Ippon seoinage (一本背負い投げ, or 一本 Osaekomi-waza (押込技): pins or matholds; Shime-waza (絞技): chokes or strangles; Kansetsu-waza (関節技): joint locks; Attack patterns. Techniques of Kensetsu or kansetsu-waza provide an ideal avenue to establish and maintain the necessary control in a defensive situation, without it escalating.

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