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duben PM Petr Nečas from Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the largest government party, would like the ministry to be headed by Jan Kubice, a former. Kubice a jeho nová zpráva. Karel Hvížďala. | Přečteno krát. Po pěti letech od tzv. Kubiceho zprávy a po měsíci v úřadě ministr vnitra. Kubiceho zpráva, která unikla do médií na konci května , hovořila o záznamech nalezených při domovní prohlídce (v akci Loreta) u trestně stíhaného .

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Prague – After five hours of kubicrho negotiation in the night from 18 to 19 April, the highest representatives of the Czech Republic’s three government parties agreed that the three member cabinet will continue, in what appears to be the end of a serious crisis that erupted a few weeks ago.

It was decided that Radek John, the chairman of Public Affairs, a junior government member around which the crisis revolved, will quit as Interior Minister, and become Deputy PM for fighting corruption. Public Affairs’ grip on the Interior Ministry was one of the key issues of the crisis. Fitch watches if Czech govt crisis will affect reforms Read more: Czech government seeks support of turncoats to survive.


However, yesterday’s meeting created a compromise: Czech govt party disintegrates, coalition threatened. Czech govt presses for higher taxes, stronger state.

Paroubek has been waging a legal battle against Kubice since zprvx, when Kubice’s police unit published a report about what it described as a growing influence of organized crime in the Czech civil service. The report was published only a few days before the legislative elections and was highly critical of then-PM Paroubek, whose Social Democracy eventually lost the election.

Karel Hvížďala – Názory Aktuálně

Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra, accused of corruption, mubiceho already offered his resignation, but so far he stays in his post. Radek John himself, as Deputy Minister, will coordinate anti-corruption efforts of four ministries – interior, justice, local development, and industry.

His company advises its clients, private persons and companies, how to protect themselves and their property. Because of this, the Czech political scene, media, and public are currently very sensitive to any links between politics and private security companies. The agreement reached by the highest representatives of the three parties is yet to be sanctioned by the parties’ clubs of deputies, which will meet tomorrow, on Tuesday 20 April.



Public Affairs will have to decide whether it is acceptable for them that their chairman, Radek John, will quit in a key government position. So far, the party has strictly refused this possibility.

Some in ODS are kubicho that the coalition should continue without Public Affairs, but in spite of this internal dissatisfaction the party’s club will probably accept the agreement too. Join CzechNews on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.

On the other side, TOP 09 is expected to accept the agreement.